The 15 Most Popular Korean Webtoons Globally Since 2014

While some may be familiar, you’ll be adding the rest to your reading list.

Since Korean dramas have become well-known around the world, Korean webtoons have also been gaining attention. Based on the global site WEBTOON and the research of Rankii‘s Sonn, here are the fifteen most popular Korean webtoons that snatched up the top spot for popularity since 2014.


1. Tower Of God

SIU‘s fantasy manhwa Tower Of God was a hit among readers. It followed a boy who spent much of his life living under a tower as he starts a new journey to seek what he desires.

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2. Bluechair

Although Tower Of God dominated 2014, it had some competition from Shen‘s slice of life manhwa Bluechair.

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3. Safely Endangered

Eventually taking the top spot from both Tower Of God and Bluechair, Chris McCoy‘s feel-good comedy manhwa Safely Endangered made its way into reader’s hearts.

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4. Hooky

Míriam Bonastre Tur‘s fantasy manhwa about a set of twins, Dani and Dorian, coming into their magical gifts was too interesting for readers to pass up.

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5. Where Tangents Meet

Breaking away from fantasy and comedy, instantmiso‘s Where Tangents Meet was a dose of romance that was refreshing. Landon and Rachelle‘s relationship had readers watching as they overcame their struggles and grew stronger together.

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6. Bastard

Where Tangents Meet wasn’t the only breath of fresh air. Carnby Kim and Youngchan Hwang‘s Bastard was a dark and wild ride. The thriller manhwa focuses on Jin Seon, who is the son of a serial killer.

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7. Ecstasy Hearts

SilentMaru‘s Ecstasy Hearts jumps into the world of sports. The manhwa is centered on Shimizu Anya, who is the child of two former world-renowned tennis stars, as she forges her own path in the tennis world and her family.

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8. Siren’s Lament

In Siren’s Lament, instantmiso once again captured readers’ interest with her blend of fantasy and romance that tells the tale of mythical sirens.

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9. unOrdinary

Uru-chan‘s unOrdinary proves that superheroes are sometimes the people you wouldn’t expect. The story of a typical high school student with superpowers still has readers following the story every week years later.

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10. I Love Yoo

After unOrdinary dominated for months the previous year, Quimchee‘s I Love Yoo gained attention for its cast of likable characters and how the boring life of Yoo Shin Ae got turned upside-down thanks to two wealthy brothers.

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11. Let’s Play

The combination of gaming, romance, memes, and real-life in Mongie‘s Let’s Play instantly captured attention. After an amateur video game creator receives an unfavorable review on the first video game they create, what unfolded afterward had readers tuning in.

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12. Lore Olympus

Although retellings of Greek myths are rather common, Rachel Smythe‘s Lore Olympus puts a refreshing twist on the tale of Persephone and Hades‘s romance that has earned nominations for prestigious awards.

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13. True Beauty

Whether you’re new to Korean webtoons or a veteran reader, Yaongyi‘s True Beauty is a manhwa that everyone’s heard of—especially after the drama adaptation that the cast loved just as much as viewers.

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14. Freaking Romance

True Beauty and Lore Olympus weren’t the only romance manhwas that readers were enjoying. SnailordsFreaking Romance follows Zylith as she moves into a new apartment that’s haunted by a handsome stranger.

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As soon as BTS‘s SAVE ME webtoon was released, it reached numbers as high as three hundred thousand, joining True Beauty, I Love Yoo, and Freaking Romance.

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The deeper dive into the BTS universe finally solved mysteries fans were always curious about.

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