15 Sexiest Gifs Of EXO’s Kai You Should Never Ever Show To Your Parents, Unless You Want To Get In Trouble

How can the cameraman still be alive after he did #9?

EXO‘s Kai has become such a popular K-Pop idol because of three things:

First, his gorgeous visuals comprising of his honey skin, great jawline and luscious lips that remind you of a Greek god.

Second, his body is perfectly sculpted, with toned muscles and long legs that make him an ideal model.

And finally, his dancing ability is top-notch.

Combine these three elements and he’s a triple threat who can manage to set the stage on fire.

Here are 15 gifs that you can consider as proof — make sure you’re all alone when you’re scrolling through the list, though!

1. The fake gun’s not the only weapon he’s packing

2. It’s like opening a nice present for all EXO-Ls

3. If you thought this was extreme enough…

4. …wait till you see a close-up version of it

5. Of course, the standard hip thrust to any boy group dance choreography

6. Making Shakira envy his hips

7. His smirk alone is the focus of this moment

8. Kai’s side profile is one of the best in the industry

9. Cameraman, are you still breathing?

10. Dance + abs = deadly attack

11. Was a wink really necessary, Kai?

12. Kai’s focus and precision when he’s dancing? Absolutely perfect

13. Body-rolling since 2011

14. His whole body dances to the beat of their song

15. Finally, it’s a miracle the mirror didn’t break from extreme heat

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