15 Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa And Jisoo Were The Sweetest “Maknae-Eldest” Pair Alive

#7 is the cutest.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is not the only member Lisa is close with. Her close friendship with Jisoo is one fans love as well. As seen in their many moments together, this maknae-eldest pair are both sweet as can be.

Check out some of their cutest gifs below!

1. When they made a big and little heart

2. When they growled at each other

3. When Jisoo almost bit Lisa

4. When they hugged each other possessively

5. When they looked at each other and made derp faces

6. When the maknae protected the eldest

7. When Lisa fed Jisoo (but not really)

8. When Lisa tickled Jisoo under her chin

9. When Jisoo happily presented Lisa to everyone

10. When they channeled their inner Kardashian

11. When they hugged it out

12. When Lisa called Jisoo pretty

13. When they cuddled close together

14. When they waved playfully with one hand

15. And when they were comfy together like close friends are


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