17 Of The Most Disliked K-Pop Stage Outfits

What were stylists thinking?

Style is, of course, completely a matter of opinion. What one person thinks is hideous, someone else might really like! Some K-Pop fans have, however, agreed on certain stage outfits that idols have worn that might not be the most flattering, or cohesive between members in a group. There are numerous instances of such cases in K-Pop history, but here are 17 of the most disliked stage outfits that idols have worn.

1. BLANKPINK: “DDU-DU DDU-DU” on Show! Music Core

2. (G)I-DLE: “HANN” on Music Bank

3. BTS: “ON” on Music Bank

4. EVERGLOW: “Bon Bon Chocolat” on M! Countdown

5. IZ*ONE: “La Vie en Rose” on Music Bank

6. Red Velvet: “Zimzalabim” on Show! Music Core

7. TWICE: “Dance the Night Away” on M! Countdown

8. Weki Meki: “LaLaLa” on Inkigayo

9. fromis_9: “Love Bomb” at MAMA

10. BTS: “Idol” on M! Countdown

11. EXID: “I Love You” on Music Bank

12. Somi: “Birthday” on Inkigayo

13. Chungha: “Snapping” on Show! Music Core

14. OH MY GIRL: “The Fifth Season” on M! Countdown

15. CLC: “No” on Show! Music Core

16. TWICE: “Fancy” on M! Countdown

17. NATURE: “I’m So Pretty” on M! Countdown