Here Are 20+ Gifs Of BTS’s Concerts That’ll Have You Wishing You Were Sitting In An ARMY Bomb Ocean Right Now

Instant serotonin boost.

BTS has come a long way since their American Hustle Life days where they handed out fliers on the streets of Hollywood Boulevard inviting people to come see them perform live for free.

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Fast forward 8 years, and BTS is selling out stadium tours in mere seconds. Just this past year, BTS came to America to hold 4 shows in LA for their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE tour, and getting tickets for that had the same vibes as The Hunger Games.

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If we lived in a perfect world, ARMYs would probably choose to be at a BTS concert, singing and dancing along to their favorite songs any day of the week.

Here are 20+ gifs of BTS’s concerts that’ll have you wishing you were sitting in an ARMY Bomb ocean right now.

1. OT7

They’re truly the best when they’re all together. 💜







2. PTDOS in LA

Were you one of the lucky ARMYs that got to see BTS’s first offline concert since the COVID-19 pandemic?








3. the iconic catwalk moments

They’re just having so. much. fun.




4. Love Yourself Speak Yourself Solos

If we had to pick a favorite solo stage we’d have to say we most definitely can’t pick a favorite.







5. ARMY Bomb Ocean

They say there’s no bad seat at a BTS concert. We’d have to agree.





Here’s to hoping that BTS announces a world tour soon so that ARMYs get to experience this again! Read below for why ARMYs think BTS might be announcing a world tour soon.

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