Just 20+ Photos Of BTS’s Amazingly Talented Rap Line

We love talented kings.

BTS’s rap line consists of leader RM along with Suga and J-Hope. These three make up the foundation of all the rap lines found in their tracks. They also have plenty of other amazing songs released including their solo mix tapes as well as their popular cypher series. These three guys can go from goofy to straight up swag in a matter of seconds. Here’s a compilation of this amazing trio!

1. Remember the name

2. Team work makes the dream work

3. Rap line kings

4. Swag since day one

5. Charisma

6. Grew up to be fine young men

7. Amazing stage presence

8. Leaders of rapping with play on words

9. Visuals and talent

10. One word: Dior

11. Cuties by day

12. Reppin’ it at night

13. We stan talented kings

14. Brothers before rappers

15. How can you not love them?

16. The rap trio never disappoints

17. Talent recognizes talent

18. Smiling kings

19. Don’t let those innocent eyes fool you

20. Legendary concert kings

21. They can change from rap kings to scaredy-cats in a matter of seconds

Listen to some of these bangers if you haven’t heard them spitting facts yet!



“Outro: Tear”

Cypher Pt. 3