Just 20+ Photos Of Hyun Bin’s Perfectly Broad And Masculine Shoulders

It’s said to be the measure of attractiveness.

We’ve established that Hyun Bin from the ever-popular drama Crash Landing On You looks good everyday. No matter what he’s wearing or doing, he’s everyone’s dream guy.

One reason why Koreans find him especially attractive is his broad shoulders. This is supposedly the mark of a man’s masculinity, and Hyun Bin definitely does not lack in this area.

Check out some proofs below!

1. His Esquire photoshoot is legendary

2. Just look at those shoulders

3. Are they a meter long yet?

4. Perfect for hugging

5. Perfect for admiring

6. He was fit even in this old picture with Son Ye Jin

7. Simple clothes suit him best!

8. He’s just perfect

9. Even bending, his shoulders are noticeable

10. Uniqlo picked the best model for their F/W collection

11. Turtlenecks just do something great to him

12. He can definitely pass as a soldier

13. Look at him in a suit

14. Now this was a look

15. Thicc

16. Seriously, every look is a good one

17. Do you see his back? His shoulders are broad

18. Totally cute

19. Totally good looking no matter what

20. Captain Ri 😍

21. T-shirts perfectly contour to his body

22. He was even more good looking in a suit

23. His shoulders are so broad, they’re just perfect to lean on!