20+ Predebut Photos Of P NATION’s First Male Idol Group, TNX

Here’s a look at some of TNX’s predebut photos!

P NATION‘s first male idol group, TNXdebuted on May 15 with their first mini album Way Up. The group’s lineup was formed through the SBS competition reality show LOUD.

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The group was originally slated to have seven members until P NATION announced earlier this year that the youngest selected member, Tanaka Koki, born in 2009, would not be debuting in order to spend more time training. 

1. Taehun

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Taehun was born in Incheon, South Korea, and is the leader of the group. He was a former trainee with The Black Label before becoming a trainee with P Nation.

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2. Kyungjun

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Kyungjun was born in South Korea and spent ten years living in Brisbane, Australia. When he returned to Korea, he was street cast and decided he wanted to become a K-Pop idol. He is a former Big Hit Entertainment trainee.

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3. Hyunsoo

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When Hyunsoo was on LOUD, PSY personally chose to save him from elimination. He is a former TS Entertainment trainee.

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4. Junhyeok

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Junhyeok spent part of his childhood studying in the Philippines. He was originally interested in singing ballads, but adjusted his style to fit P NATION’s hip hop sound.

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5. Hwi

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Hwi received a casting offer from both JYP Entertainment and P NATION during his time on LOUD. He is a producer and rapper in TNX.

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6. Sungjun

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Sungjun is the maknae of the group and also received casting offers from JYP Entertainment and P NATION while on LOUD.

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Source: KProfiles
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