Here Are The 20 “Produce 48” Trainees Who Could Be In The Next I.O.I

With the finale just days away, get to know the potential members of the next I.O.I.

With the season finale just days away, Produce 48‘s contestants have been whittled down to a group of 20 finalists. Get to know the 20 trainees who could become a member of the next I.O.I!


20. FNC Entertainment’s Park Haeyoon


Haeyoon is known as a fantastic leader. She’s able to teach the trainees in both Korean and Japanese, helping with vocals and dance.


She is also a front-runner for the lead vocal position. Ever since her audition, she has impressed the coaches and viewers with her powerful vocals.


19. Woolim Entertainment’s Kim Chaewon


Chaewon saw a rise in popularity following her performance during the vocal position challenge.


She became the centre for “To Reach You” in the concept evaluation and did a stunning job.


18. Stone Music Entertainment’s Jo Yuri


A former contestant on Idol School, Jo Yuri has gained huge popularity for her strong vocals and husky voice.


She is also known for being a look-a-like of Weki Meki and I.O.I’s Choi Yoojung…and EXO’s Baekhyun!


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17. AKB48’s Takahashi Juri

Juri is a huge K-pop fan and showed off her Korean skills right off the bat.


She has remained a favourite in National Producers’ hearts since then, as her ranking has never dipped below #30.


16. Yuehua Entertainment’s Choi Yena


Yena is well-known for being very bright, affectionate and engerzing.


When it comes to being on stage, she can be very fierce and powerful. Yena is able to pull off any concept!


15. Urban Works Music’s Kim Minju


Kim Minju has appeared in iKON’s “WYD” music video as well as the drama Tempted.


Her gorgeous looks kept her in the higher ranks, as she gained more experience and improved as an idol throughout the show.


With the finale in sight, Minju became the centre for “1000%” during the concept evaluation and is now a strong contender for a debut spot.


14. Starship Entertainment’s Ahn Yoojin


Yoojin has been a fan favourite from the start. She is skilled in singing and dancing, plus she’s so pretty she shot commercials before debut!


Considering #14 is her lowest rank yet, she still has a high possibility of debuting with the final group.


13. Cube Entertainment’s Han Chowon


Chowon rose from 88th place all the way to 9th, when she showed off her vocal prowess during the position evaluations.


She also showed off many times this season that she can pull off rap as well.

Ranked at #13, she’s just at the cut-off line for the final group!


12. Woollim Entertainment’s Kwon Eunbi


Eunbi is another powerful leader, just like her lookalike Irene of Red Velvet.


She is a strong dancer and singer, and has visuals worthy of being centre. Eunbi has trained for over years and her hard work shows in her strong skills!


11. AKB48’s Honda Hitomi


With her background as a cheerleader, Hitomi has been a strong contestant from the start because of her amazing skill as a dancer.


Matched with her cute vocals and chubby cheeks, Hitomi has found her way into National Producers’ hearts.


10. AKB48’s Shitao Miu


Miu gained popularity in Korea right off the bat with her performance during the group battle, performing “Peek-A-Boo”.


Her sexy and powerful performance during the concept evaluations shot her all the way up to #6.


9. HKT48’s Yabuki Nako


Known as the trainee who rose from Class F to Class A, Nako hit #1 overall during the group evaluations thanks to her strong performance as main vocal.


Her adorably short stature, humble personality and exceptional skills make her a likely candidate to be a member of the next I.O.I.


8. NMB48’s Shiroma Miru


Her doll-like features gained attention from the get-go, as well as her sexy gaze during the dance position evaluations.


Despite rumours that she unfollowed Sulli following Sulli’s post about comfort women, her ranking stayed strong and landed safely past the debut cut line.


Sulli Attacked By Japanese Netizens After Posting About Comfort Women


7. Starship Entertainment’s Jang Wonyoung


Jang Wonyoung may be only 15 years old in Korea, but she’s been a powerhouse from the start.

She’s never placed lower than #8, and even ranked #1 during the Episode 8 rankings.


This former #1 overall ranker has captivated the National Producers with her gorgeous looks, height, and talents.


6. AKB48’s Takeuchi Miyu


Miyu turned heads with her powerful vocals from her first audition and continued to impress viewers with her musicality.


National Producers have been touched by her love for performing and music and many are determined to have her debut with the final group.


5. Pledis Entertainment’s Lee Kaeun


Former After School member Kaeun has also been a strong contestant, even ranking #1 three weeks in a row.


Kaeun is another all-rounder trainee with fantastic leadership, and a dedicated fanbase behind her.


4. 8D Entertainment’s Kang Hyewon


Known for her innocent looks and captivating eyes, Hyewon has steadily climbed up the ramps.


Her role as Sato Minami’s mom also helped her popularity, showing fans her kind heart.


3. WM Entertainment’s Lee Chaeyeon


After being eliminated from Kpop Star 3 and SIXTEEN, this is Chaeyeon‘s third attempt to debut through an audition program.


Her dancing skills dazzled throughout the competition, and although she felt a lot of pressure during the concept evaluation, she ranked at #3 during the most recent ranking.


2. AKB48’s Miyazaki Miho


Miho‘s fantastic singing skills earned her the position of center and main vocal during the position evaluations.


Her love for Hallyu, studying Korean, and determination to debut has made her a fan favourite in Korea, as well as a candidate for #1.


1. HKT48’s Miyawaki Sakura


Sakura was the 1st center, 1st to place in 1st, and has ranked in 1st place all over again.


Not wanting to rely on her looks only, she strived to develop her skills and take on different concepts throughout the competition.

If she remains at the #1 spot, she will be the center of the next I.O.I and Wanna One — just like Jeon Somi and Kang Daniel!