Fans Claim This “Produce 48” Contestant Looks Just Like Baekhyun

“I’d believe it if someone told me they’re related.”

Produce 48 trainee Cho Yuri is already quite well-known among viewers, because she competed on Idol School. 

While she couldn’t debut with fromis_9Cho Yuri went viral for being Weki Meki‘s Yoojung‘s twin.


When she reappeared on Produce 48, she immediately sparked plastic surgery rumors and received some attention again.


Now, viewers think she looks more like EXO‘s Baekhyun than Weki Meki’s Yoojung — especially when she smiles.


EXO fans see the uncanny resemblance and pointed out she has Baekhyun’s features.

  • “She and Baekhyun have the same lips.”

  • “I’d believe it if someone told me they’re related.”

  • “I see it. They have a similar vibe.”

  • “I think it’s because both she and Baekhyun have that ‘mochi’ soft look.”

  • “She reminds me of when Baekhyun had just debuted.”


Cho Yuri recently dropped from Group A all the way down to Group F, after completely blowing her “Pick Me” re-evaluation and disappointing the judges.

Rank wise, she still sits on the higher end, at #18, so Cho Yuri supporters remain hopeful she will work her way back up to the top!

Source: THEQOO