22 Pictures Of TWICE Tzuyu’s Legendary Beauty That You Will Think About All Day

These visuals are totally god-tier!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is known for her god-tier visuals, and everytime she makes an appearance, fans believe her visuals get better and better! Here are 22 legendary pictures of Tzuyu, and if you haven’t fallen for her already, these are guaranteed to make you fall hard!

1. Tzuyu’s side profile is an absolute work of art!


2. Her soft smile can instantly brighten your day!


3. Her visuals in the sun are god-tier!


4. How can someone be this pretty?!


5. Tzuyu is so beautiful in this GIF, it’s unreal.


6. Her visuals will instantly snap you to attention!


7. Smiley Tzuyu is the best Tzuyu!


8. She radiates beauty and grace!


9. In this legendary, viral GIF, Tzuyu shoots her visuals right into your heart!


10. Queen of proportions!


11. She’s literally shining in this photo!


12. This ending fairy GIF of Tzuyu is perfect!


13. How does she look this good?!


14. Her visuals have been perfect since day 1!


15. Tzuyu is an angel!


16. Netizens finally understood why everyone is obsessed with Tzuyu’s visuals in this GIF!


17. That lip bite should be illegal!


18. An actual princess!


19. How could you resist getting lost in her eyes?


20. Her side profile is everything!


21. Her visuals in this GIF are INSANE.


22. Tzuyu is a gorgeous queen in this GIF!