25 Tweets Of Fans Posting #WeWalkWithBTSBecause To Express Just How Much BTS Means To Them

We will continue to walk with them forever.

On June 11, BTS dropped their “We are Bulletproof: The Eternal” animated music video and had fans bawling their eyes out. This music video depicted an animated version of the members going down memory lane as they draw out past music videos throughout their journey as BTS.

Not long after the release of the video, the hashtag #WeWalkWithBTSBecause began trending worldwide as fans began to express just how much the group meant to them.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why fans are with BTS for life!

1. They are the light of our lives

2. It is not worth walking with toxic people

3. They helped us through our darkest times

4. They showed us that loving yourself was always number 1

5. They walked with us when we had no one

6. They show their struggles and how they overcome difficulties

7. They are always with us

8. They have taught us so many things about life

9. They give us love and strength to keep going

10. They bring us positive energy

11. They make stanning them best decision of our lives

12. They gave us a new life

13. They are the icons of a perfect team

14. They are so real and pure

15. We are in this together

16. They are our magic shop

17. Their music showed us how to love ourselves

18. They remain in our hearts and souls

19. They gave us a voice

20. They were willing to stay and listen

21. They are our safe haven

22. Their music changed who we are as people

23. There are just too many reasons why we walk with them

24. They give us hope that we can do something too

25. They loved us when we couldn’t

Watch the full video below and remember to grab some tissues!