25+ Gifs Of BTS’s Jin Being The Cutest Person To Ever Exist

#9 is so adorable!

Jin may be the oldest member in BTS, but he doesn’t lack the slightest in cuteness! Whenever he does aegyo, it’s easy to forget that he’s a 27 year old man. He’s really just a boy in a man’s body!

We’ve compiled over 25 gifs of Jin acting cute…because why not? You’ll fall in love with him by the end of it if you haven’t yet!

1. When he happily munched on his burger

2. When his eye-smile appeared

3. When he nodded

4. When he grinned

5. When he pouted

6. When laughed out loud

7. When he blew a kiss then waved

8. When he dressed as a flower

9. When he enjoyed his food

10. When he gently blew a kiss

11. When he pursed his lips

12. When he shot at ARMYs’ hearts

13. When he pursed his lips x5

14. When he had a lot to say

15. When he did aegyo

16. When he winked

17. When he blew a kiss with sass

18. When he was a cute rabbit

19. When he peaked from behind

20. When acted cute on demand

21. When he nodded while pouting

22. When he did the peace sign

23. When he framed his face with his hands

24. When he played “peek-a-boo”

25. When he waved with both hands

26. When he was aggressively adorable

27. When he had the cutest pout