10+ Times 2PM’s Junho Posted The Cutest Pictures Of His Cats On Instagram With English Captions

Yes, he really said all that 😂

2PM‘s Junho is crazy about his cats, and he doesn’t hold back on showering them with love on Instagram!

Junho | @le2jh/Instagram

Check out his cutest posts below, complete with English captions.

1. “What a lovely son”

To Junho, his cats aren’t just pets—they’re family.

2. “2021 happy new year”

There’s no better way to greet a new year than with a cute cat!

3. “This is the reason why I don’t wanna go outside. When I’m in [a] hurry, he always [acts] like this.”

Everything about this post is adorable: the cat, the caption, and Junho himself.

4. “Labulabu”

Get you a guy who looks at you like how Junho looks at his cat.

5. “You want to take a shower with me?”

Is that even a question?

6. “Nightnight”

Not all owners allow their pets on their bed, but it’s completely normal for Junho.

7. “We are gonna get through this situation.”

Junho didn’t hesitate to rescue his cat Bok from the brink of death. He clearly has a heart of gold!

8. “Happy new year! Happy 2020.”

It’s practically tradition for Junho to greet the new year with a picture of his cat.

9. “Happy merry Christmas soon.”

Junho always seems to capture the cutest candid pictures of his cats.

10. “My LOVE”

Short and sweet, Junho’s declaration of love is adorable!

11. “Johnny boy”

Last but not the least, the way he introduces Johnny shows how fond he is of him.

2PM’s Junho cares so much about all his cats that losing one was a heartbreaking experience. Hear his thoughts about his late cat Lambo here:

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Source: Instagram