2PM’s Junho Once Teared Up In Public When Describing The Lyrics He Wrote For His Late Cat

The song is both sweet and heartbreaking.

2PM‘s Junho released the song “Fine” in 2017. It has a beautiful melody and eye-catching music video, but the lyrics of the song are undoubtedly the focal point.

Junho wrote the song in memory of his beloved cat Lambo who passed away that same year.


In a past concert, he explained the heartfelt lyrics of the song, describing it as a picture that shows his heart.

Although each and every song means a lot to me, ‘Fine’ is more than just another song but something like a picture that depicts what’s inside my heart. That’s how I wanted to sing the song for you.

— Junho

Junho started tearing up when he told the crowd that he dedicated the song to Lambo. He can clearly envision meeting him again “under the white clouds.”

Just like the last part of the lyrics goes, when I’m going to meet Bo-ya again someday, he will be running towards me under the white clouds. I wrote this song with Bo-ya like this in mind. Bo-ya is my kitty.

— Junho

With a heavy heart, he went on to explain what Lambo’s parting taught him. He realized that losing someone you love will always be tragic. Moreover, love is not dependent on the length of time you’ve known the other party.

To have to be separated from someone must be a sorrowful experience for anyone. I also learned that when you love someone, you must take on great responsibility. I realized, whether the time is long or short, love is something that will remain deep in the corner of my heart regardless of the length of time being together.

— Junho

He ended his message by admitting that he still tears up when he looks at pictures and videos of Lambo.

Having not been able to see him for a while, I feel myself welling up looking at Lambo when he was still alive, even just in this way. I believe a person can grow more mature through love.

— Junho

Lambo may no longer be with Junho on this earth, but his memory lives on in the song “Fine.”

Junho has since gone on to adopt several cats, including one that he rescued from the front of his house. Read the full story here:

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Source: YouTube