2PM’s Taecyeon Bulked Up In The Military, Here Are 10 Photos To Remind You Of How Drop Dead Gorgeous He Is

He was dubbed “Captain Korea” for a reason.

2PM recently returned to the music scene after a long hiatus with “Make It.” To promote their comeback, they made a guest appearance on JTBC‘s Knowing Bros.

2PM | @real_2pmstagram/Instagram

Here, Taecyeon revealed that he previously gained weight due to the availability of food in the military. Rather than fat, he gained a ton of muscle!


I ate a lot because there was a lot to eat at the military. My muscles continued to grow and I reached 99 kg (~218 lbs). I have currently lost about 18 kg (~39 lbs).

— Taecyeon

He talked about bulking up and having a different physique compared to how he looks currently. Without a doubt, he looks drop dead gorgeous in both eras.

Taecyeon in the military
Taecyeon in 2PM’s recent comeback

Taecyeon made headlines in 2017 when he gave up his permanent residency in the United States and voluntarily enlisted in the Korean military. He also went through two separate surgeries in order to work as an active-duty soldier.

With his ripped physique, it’s no wonder he went viral for looking like Marvel‘s Captain America during his time as a soldier. He was fittingly dubbed “Captain Korea.”

2PM was known for being “beastly idols” ever since they debuted in 2008. Though they’re soft and kind off-stage, they’re fierce on it. And during his military service, Taecyeon was off the charts hot!

In his form-fitting uniform, his muscular body was emphasized—and fans couldn’t get enough.


Taecyeon looks even better in real life as several unedited photos prove.

When you think of K-Pop idols in the military, there’s a reason Taecyeon is one of the first who comes to mind!

2PM has definitely aged like fine wine! Check out some more proof below.

2PM Have Aged Like Fine Wine Since Their Debut—Here’s Proof