10 Reasons 2PM’s Taecyeon Would Make The Best Boyfriend

2PM’s Taecyeon is one of the most beloved male idols in K-Pop, and it’s not hard to see why. From his caring personality to his hilarious sense of humor, Taecyeon has proven time and time again that he’s wonderful person.

While everyone should wish for someone like Taecyeon in their lives, here’s just ten of the reasons he’d make the best boyfriend.

1. His smile is infectious

He can really light up a room with his smile!

Photo: @Treashhure

2. He has a soothing voice

Although he’s a rapper, he can sing well too. In fact, he’s released several ballads in Japan as a soloist.

3. He supports everyone

When he saw some B.A.P merchandise near his own goods, he didn’t hesitate to give the group a shout-out on camera.

4. Everyone loves him

Both male and female costars love Taecyeon. His Dream High co-stars Kim Soo Hyun and T-ARA‘s Eunjung even fought for his affection.

5. He’s not afraid to be cute

Although he’s known as a “beastly” idol, Taecyeon wasn’t too shy to put on a dress and dance for fans at his Christmas fanmeeting.

6. He has chemistry with everyone

Although she’s acted with many different male actors throughout her impressive career, actress Kim So Hyun named Taecyeon as the actor she has the best chemistry with.

7. He becomes extra cute when he’s jealous

A scene from Let’s Fight, Ghost gave fans a look at what Taecyeon looks like when he’s jealous, and it’s just plain adorable!

8. He loves animals

Just a look at how he played with a dog proves how much he loves animals.

9. He’s always dependable

He ran into his juniors TWICE‘s Chaeyoung and Tzuyu backstage during an event, and didn’t hesitate to join them on a live stream and act as a self-proclaimed “tripod” for the three of them.

10. His loyalty is unrivaled

Taecyeon has proven his loyalty not only to JYP Entertainment and 2PM, but to his country as well. Despite having the option to become a US citizen and having poor enough eyesight to disqualify himself from military service, Taecyeon voluntarily gave up his United States Green Card and corrected his poor eye sight by receiving LASIK surgery to correct it up to military standards.

2PM Taecyeon Excited To Serve In Military Despite Option Not To

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