3 Korean Celebrities Named 2022’s “Worst-Mannered” By Movie Biz Insiders

It seems the “Sanddalki Awards” are best not won.

Like the American “Golden Raspberry Awards,” honoring the worst of cinematic underachievements, South Korean media Sports Khan has been holding the “Sanddalki (Raspberry) Awards” since 2017.

Ben Affleck (right) with his “Razzie Award” | razzies.com

The Sanddalki Awards name the worst of interviewees in the Korean movie scene, hand-picked by 34 movie critics and reporters from Korea’s biggest outlets. For the 6th Sanddalki Awards, actors Ma Dong Seok (also known as Don Lee), Kim Tae Ri, and Nam Joo Hyuk snagged the nation’s “Worst Mannered Celeb” awards.

Actor Ma Dong Seok | Sports Khan

Ma Dong Seok received 20 votes and was named 2022’s worst-mannered actor. The voting reporters claimed that Ma Dong Seok had been “unavailable due to personal reasons” for all interviews throughout the promotions of his movies The Roundup and Men of Plastic. The Sanddalki Awards commented, “It is simply unprofessional for the movie’s lead actor to be MIA for the press.”

Other reporter comments included:

  • “Ma Dong Seok wants his movies to do well but doesn’t want to promote them with interviews. He needs to put in the effort if he wants the best for his work.”
  • “The whole cast except Ma Dong Seok promoted their movies with press conferences and interviews. Is this some kind of a power trip?”
  • “Ma Dong Seok didn’t have the heart to promote the movies in which he invested and directed. It is evident he thinks the press is a waste of his time.”
Actress Kim Tae Ri | YTN

Eleven votes went to actress Kim Tae Ri. The voting reporters pointed out the actress’s “immature” behavior at various interviews as the reason for dubbing her 2022’s second worst-mannered celeb. According to the Sanddalki Awards, Kim Tae Ri kept scribbling and doodling while being asked questions. One reporter commented, “It was as if the actress never detached herself from Na Hee Do, a high school kid.”

Other reporter comments included:

  • “I remember how shocked I was when I heard Kim Tae Ri badmouth a Korean director working overseas in the middle of an official press conference.”
  • “Kim Tae Ri seems to have lost all of her manners ever since her connection with the role of Na Hee Do dubbed her as some sort of a ‘free spirit.'”
  • “I’m disappointed in Kim Tae Ri’s attitude at interviews.”

Six of the remaining votes belonged to actor Nam Joo Hyuk. He was throned 2022’s third worst-mannered actor for “causing negative sentiments toward his movie, Remember, with school bullying and other controversial allegations.”

Actor Nam Joo Hyuk | YG Entertainment

Following the announcement of winners(?), the internet saw divided reactions about the Sanddalki Awards. While some believed the votes and comments to “speak for themselves,” others questioned how much of the “hear-say can be trusted, especially coming from Korean reporters also known for their lack of professionalism.”

| theqoo
  • “What is this even for? Were the reporters envious of the Razzies? The people who voted are the ones power tripping. Am I wrong…?”
  • “Whoa. I had no idea about Ma Dong Seok and Kim Tae Ri. What a disappointment.”
  • “WDYM ‘What is this for?’ This isn’t exclusive to the entertainment business. Politicians and athletes are called out for bad interviews, too. Besides, it’s not like these reporters are naming these celebrities for no reason. The votes are explained. Press is a part of these people’s occupation. If the celebrities bring attitude to the work space, of course the reporters are going to talk about it.”
  • “What’s going on with Kim Tae Ri…?”
  • “I don’t know. To me, this whole thing feels like reporters picking on the celebrities and asking the internet to hate on them.”
| theqoo
  • “But this is as real as it gets. We can’t believe what we see on screen. We can’t defend these celebrities based on the good sides we see on television. What we think is true cannot compare to what the insiders know to be true.”
  • “I know a few other celebrities who are thought to be much nicer than the truth. Trust me, I didn’t want to know. I wonder if the celebrities themselves aren’t worried about words going around. Because people will think these are rumors? Or because the celebrities don’t care? That being said… I don’t think these reporters are being mean or whatever. There is a reason these celebrities are getting tens of votes.”
  • “Badmouthing a director…? What?”
  • “This lineup, though.”
  • “Sounds about right to me.”
  • “For reals, though. These reporters are the ones who work with these celebrities up close and personal. I don’t understand people who refuse to believe these comments when it’s all based on firsthand experiences.”

None of the three celebrities crowned the nation’s “worst-mannered interviewee” has responded to the results.

Source: Sports Khan and theqoo (1) and (2)
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