3 Rookie K-Pop Groups Who Ran Into Heartbreaking Situations This Year

Number 1 had to deal with a heartbreaking situation before they even debuted!

While most K-Pop rookie groups are excited to get their careers started, there have been plenty of rookie groups this year who ran into heartbreaking situations. Here’s a list of 3 of these rookie groups.


| @ENHYPEN/Twitter

ENHYPEN was formed through the survival show I-LAND, and they accumulated a large fanbase as soon as they got formed. However, the group also ran into a heartbreaking situation before they even debuted.


When the group went to the Gimpo Airport in Seoul to board a flight, they were mobbed by “fans”.

According to some fans who were present at the scene, several ENHYPEN members were pushed, and member Jake even reportedly cried due to the whole ordeal.

Allegedly, several sasaeng fans got a hold of the members’ boarding information and seat numbers, which allowed them to book tickets for the same flight as ENHYPEN.

Not long after, BE:LIFT LAB (ENHYPEN’s agency) uploaded a “Fan Etiquette Notice”, detailing how fans should behave around ENHYPEN.

2. Weeekly

Weeekly’s debut showcase got canceled due to a fire that broke out in a nearby building.

Hello, this is Play M Entertainment.

Due to a fire that broke out in a building near where the debut showcase was to take place tonight at 8 PM, we have canceled the event after an emegency evacuation due to safety concerns of the artists and staff.

We apologize to fans who have been waiting, and we will continue to update you on the situation related to the fire.

Thank you.

— Play M Entertainment (Weeekly’s agency)

When this got announced, many fans expressed their regret through comments such as, “They must be so upset“, “How could that happen on their debut day?“, “This might be a sign that they’ll really hit it big“, and “How unfortunate“.

3. Woo!Ah!

| @wooah_jp/Twitter

Only 3 months after Woo!Ah!’s debut, it was announced that Songyee would be leaving the group.

Former Woo!Ah! member Songyee

NV Entertainment (Woo!Ah!’s agency) announced that Songyee decided to leave due to personal matters. They also shared that they had a lengthy conversation with Songyee and her parents about the matter.

Hello. This is NV Entertainment.

First, we’re sorry to have to announce an unfortunate news to the fans who love Woo!Ah!.

Due to personal issues, Songyee has decided to leave Woo!Ah!. We had shared a deep conversation with the artist and her parents for a long time, and we have come to this conclusion after an amicable agreement.

We would like to sincerely apologize to the fans for causing an issue while they’re waiting for Woo!Ah!’s comeback.

NV Entertainment will work hard for the promotions of the remaining members, and we will do everything to help Woo!Ah! greet the fans as soon as possible with a good image. We ask for the fans’ unchanging interest and love.

Thank you.

— NV Entertainment