4 Breathtaking Fan Edits Of BTS V’s Visuals In The Past Vs. Present

Hitting us right in the feels 🥺

It’s no secret that BTS‘s V has gotten more and more handsome throughout the years. A talented ARMY @icedvanillattae photoshopped a young V into recent pictures of V. They’re guaranteed to make you nostalgic and reminisce about the past!

Check them out below.

1. His smile is just as beautiful

| @icedvanillattae/Twitter

V’s gorgeous smile is unchangingly mesmerizing. Whether it’s 2013 or 2019, his box smile is the cutest in the world!

2. He still does the “V” sign

| @icedvanillattae/Twitter

True to his name, he enjoys pulling out a peace sign for some of his pictures. It may be a common pose but it suits him especially well!

3. His gaze can still leave you entranced

| @icedvanillattae/Twitter

V looking far into the distance is something we’d be glad to stare at all day. Somehow, his handsome face becomes ten times more stunning.

4. He can still capture anybody’s attention

| @icedvanillattae/Twitter

Finally, with his talent at performing, strong stage presence, and not to mention top notch visuals, it’s no wonder fans have a hard time turning away from him. He’ll probably continue to be a force to reckon with years down the line.

V grew up so well, in fact, that he’s now known for having a perfect face…and we 100% agree!

Source: icedvanillattae


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