Here Are 4 “Curses” Seen In K-Pop

Number 1 is a little creepy.

In K-Pop, there have been some coincidences that gave fans goosebumps. Sometimes, these coincidences happen so often that fans believe that there’s a “curse”. Here are 4 “curses” seen in K-Pop.

1. YG Entertainment’s “Who’s Next?” poster

Since 2014, YG Entertainment has been occasionally dropping teasers on social media that say “Who’s Next?”. These posters indicate that an artist from their company will be making a comeback soon. However, every time YG Entertainment drops one of these teasers, bad things happen in the K-Pop world.

On May 15, 2014, YG Entertainment posted a “Who’s Next?” poster on their Twitter account.

Not long after this poster dropped, Kris ended up leaving EXO.

YG Entertainment dropped another “Who’s Next?” poster on October 6, 2014.

Not long after this poster dropped, Jessica left Girls’ Generation.

Not only that, but Lee Joon and Thunder also ended up leaving MBLAQ.

YG Entertainment has released more “Who’s Next?” posters throughout the years, and each time, something bad happens in the K-Pop industry. They recently released one in 2020, and fans fear that some bad news may soon come up in the K-Pop world.

2. The “7 Year Curse”

Idol contracts usually are set for 7 years, and idols are then tasked with deciding if they want to renew them or terminate their contracts with a company. A lot of groups end up not renewing their contracts after the 7th year, which usually ends in disbandment. K-Pop fans call this the “7 Year Curse” as there have been many groups who disbanded after their 7th year of being together, such as SISTAR

However, that doesn’t mean that all groups fall victim to the “7 Year Curse”, as plenty of groups have overcome it, such as Apink.

3. The cursed center (first place) seat on the Produce 101 series

In the Produce 101 series, there is a curse regarding the center (first place) seat. Throughout the four seasons of the show, the trainee who sat on the center seat in the first episode has never made it to the final debut lineup.

In Produce 101, Huh Chanmi sat on the center seat, and she got eliminated in episode 10 of the show.

In Produce 101 Season 2, Jang Moon Bok sat on the center seat in the first episode, and he ended up getting eliminated in episode 10.

In Produce 48, Park Seo Young sat on the center seat, and she got eliminated in episode 8.

In Produce X 101, Yoon Seobin sat on the center seat in the first episode, and he ended up getting kicked off the show after it was revealed that he had partaken in underage drinking and smoking when he was a student.

4. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and her song preference

This is more of a blessing than a curse, but whenever Taeyeon dislikes a Girls’ Generation song, it ends up doing really well. Some notable songs that Taeyeon has disliked are “Gee”, “Hoot”, and “Lion Heart”, which are some of Girls’ Generation’s most popular songs.

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