4 “Exotic” Korean Foods That Are Not For The Faint Of Heart

Would you try these?

Every country has its own unique cuisine and tasty treats that are inherently part of the culture. While many people immediately think of delicious foods like tteokbokki or bibimbap when they think of Korean food, however, there is so much more than that! Korean American vlogger Simply SSOL uploaded a video to her YouTube channel sharing the exotic foods she still can’t get used to, even though her Korean national husband loves them!

Banchan | Source: Vicky Tran/Pexels

She lists out what she can’t exactly stomach and why, and although we’re sure there are people who love these delicacies, her reasoning is certainly relatable and understandable.

1. Dakbal (Chicken feet)

Source: Simply SSOL/YouTube

Ssol expresses that she just can’t eat this. She’s not sure if it’s psychological or something else, but the visual is enough to put her off eating.

If you’re an adventurous eater, dakbal can be quite nice, especially when paired with a good drink. (But only if you’re of legal age to drink!)

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2. Dwae ji cup dae gi (Pork rind)

Source: Simply SSOL/YouTube

Ssol explained that she doesn’t necessarily find this particular dish unpalatable, but because it tends to be on the heavier, greasier side she finds herself craving something spicy to cut down on that feeling.

The taste isn’t so bad for me, but the more you eat it, if I eat, like, more than five or six I get the urge to grab something spicy.


Eating pork rind is popular because of the belief that the collagen from the pork will be absorbed by your body and make you appear younger. While it’s been scientifically proven that it’s not true, perhaps the belief in the medical myth is what makes it so effective, as Koreans do tend to have stunning skin and youthful appearances!

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3. San-nakji (Live octopus)

Source: Simply SSOL/YouTube

San-nakji is a live octopus, which is usually cut up for ease of eating. (After all, unless you’re ASMR YouTuber Ssoyoung, you’re probably not going to attempt eating it whole.)

4. Beondegi (Pupa)

Source: Simply SSOL/YouTube

Ssol explains that even though she ate this as a child, it’s not something she enjoys anymore. She’s not sure if it’s the smell, which she says is very strong, or the idea of idea bugs that put her off, but she’s just not into it.

I ate it when I was young. I think… psychologically, that feeling like I’m eating bugs like Timon and Simba…


Beondegi, or pupa, are silkworm pupa that have been steamed and seasoned to perfection. Often compared to peanuts, this snack makes a good appetizer, especially when accompanied by a cold beer.

Source: Gastro Obscura

These foods are, understandably, not for everyone, however, would you be willing to give them a try? Or, if you’ve already eaten these foods, what do you think about them?

Watch her whole video below, and be sure to watch until the end because she asks other people in her life about exotic Korean foods!