4 Heartwarming Stories Shared About BTS’s Jimin That Will Make Any ARMY Smile

“I think BTS’s Jimin has the best personality.”

BTS‘s Jimin is beloved for many things, and one of these things is his angelic personality. Throughout the years, there have been many stories shared that show just how kind Jimin is. Here are 4 of these stories.

1. Flight attendant sharing why Jimin has “the best personality” in K-Pop

BTS’s Jimin

Kim Ha Gyeong is a YouTuber who used to work as a flight attendant, and she had a coworker who once met Jimin.

Kim Ha Gyeong (Left) & BTS’s Jimin (Right)

This coworker was an ARMY (BTS’s fandom) and was quite excited when she saw Jimin. Kim Ha Gyeong explained that ARMYs usually try to act as if they don’t know any of the BTS members if they see them while working, likely to help them feel more comfortable when in public.

BTS’s Jimin | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Kim Ha Gyeong’s coworker didn’t know about this, and while working, she asked Jimin for a picture.

BTS’s Jimin

Jimin politely told this flight attendant that he couldn’t take a picture but was more than willing to give her an autograph! This story touched Kim Ha Gyeong, and she said, “I think BTS’s Jimin has the best personality.”

2. Rina Johnson sharing what Jimin was like 

BTS’s Jimin

Rina Johnson, the child actress from BTS’s “ON” music video, once answered some questions regarding what it was like working with the members. Rina Johnson showered all the members with praise and shared something heartwarming about Jimin.

She shared that Jimin was worried about the little boy that worked with him since the little boy couldn’t be under the sun too long. She also shared that Jimin was sweet to everyone and that he’s good-looking!

3. Oh My Girl’s Seunghee talking about her friendship with Jimin & V

BTS’s Jimin

Oh My Girl’s Seunghee has been friends with BTS’s Jimin and V since high school, and she shared that both of them had great work ethics since they were students.

I still remember Jimin was all about practicing. That’s all he knew. He’d spend the night up practicing and come to school half-dead like a zombie. V would start dancing in the subway station, checking his moves in the reflection of the screen doors. I used to watch him do that… but he really did surprise me.

— Seunghee


The three have remained good friends to this day and are extremely supportive of each other.

Yeah, we still keep in touch. They’re on tour right now… but I’ve told them, if things get rough on the road and they need someone to talk it out with, they have me.

— Seunghee

There was even a time when Jimin and V helped Seunghee when she was nervous at an award show. Jimin and V told Seunghee that she looked great on stage and did a great job. After hearing these words from her close friends, Seunghee felt better about her performance.

4. Flight attendant sharing what Jimin did for their chief manager

BTS’s Jimin

A flight attendant once shared a heartwarming story about Jimin. This flight attendant explained that their chief manager is an ARMY and was once placed on the same flight as BTS. The chief manager said that Jimin organized his pillow and blanket before he left.

[The chief manager told me] One time, they were placed on the same flight as BTS.

Jimin was reading a book the entire flight, and he tidied up the pillow and blanket before he left.

— Flight attendant

BTS’s Jimin

Not only that, but Jimin left an autograph for the chief manager!

Flight attendants aren’t allowed to do things like asking for an autograph, so they [chief manager] couldn’t ask Jimin, but Jimin realized they were his fan and left an autograph on his seat for them.

— Flight attendant