4 Iconic K-Pop Choreographies Created By Idols Themselves

Jack of all trades in the true sense of the term!

It is no secret that to become a K-Pop idol, you need to be good at dancing. But being a good dancer and being able to choreograph a captivating dance piece are two very different things.

These four idols, nevertheless, have mastered both skills. Here are four amazing choreographies that were created by their performers:

1. “My Time”- Jungkook

Is there anything BTS‘s golden maknae can’t do? This sexy choreography was partly made by Jungkook, while the rest was the brainchild of Brian Puspos. Both Brian and Jungkook’s co-member Jin confirmed that he made a significant part of the routine himself!

2. “Red Sun”- SuA

SuA is known for creating amazing choreographies for her group Dreamcatcher. Apart from “Red Sun,” she has also choreographed some cover dances for the group, including their “Taki Taki” and “Havana” performance videos.

3. “Bang Bang”- Chung Ha

While competing in Produce 101, Chung Ha created this iconic dance routine that lives in the minds of netizens rent-free even today. Imagine being that talented at 19 years of age!

4. “Likey”- Momo

Widely known as TWICE‘s ‘dance machine’, Momo has proven multiple times why she is worthy of the title. She choreographed the dance break for the group’s hit track “Likey,” showing off her unique flair as an artist.

K-Pop idols are really built different.