4 Korean Actors Who Made Heartbreaking Confessions

Number 2 got bullied for having a famous mother!

There have been lots of Korean celebrities who made sad confessions, and Korean actors are no exception. Here are 4 Korean actors who made heartbreaking confessions.

1. Jeon So Min

In an episode of Ask Anything, Jeon So Min spoke on how she thought a lot about her happiness this year due to her getting ill.

I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness these days. I was really sick earlier this year. And once I recovered, I ended up thinking about what makes for a happy life.

— Jeon So Min

Jeon So Min also revealed that she struggles to balance work and free time.

I like working and being really busy, but because it’s too hectic, I don’t feel even the smallest emotion. And if I try to relax, I don’t see any results, so it’s hard to establish that balance.

— Jeon So Min

Choi Jung Won, who usually drinks with Jeon So Min, was surprised by her confessions. However, Jeon So Min then revealed that she drinks because she feels tormented.

I drink because I feel tormented.

— Jeon So Min

2. Lee Yu Bi

Lee Yu Bi is the daughter of actress Kyeon Mi Ri, and this caused her to get bullied when she was a student. In an episode of Shin Hye Sung’s Music Odyssey, Lee Yu Bi revealed that a lot of people bullied her because they were jealous of her mother’s fame.

Kids were jealous because my parents were famous. My friends hated me. There were ridiculous rumors going around.

— Lee Yu Bi

Lee Yu Bi (Left) & Kyeon Mi Ri (Right)

Lee Yu Bi also revealed that she usually spent time alone when she was a student. However, she also clarified that she didn’t want people to feel bad for her.

We made up later and played together. But I was good at spending time by myself. I went to fast-food restaurants after school by myself and ate. It’s not a sad story.

— Lee Yu Bi

3. Park Ha Sun

Park Ha Sun got married to actor Ryu Soo Young in 2017 and gave birth to their daughter later that year.

| Fly Up Entertainment

However, Park Ha Sun revealed that she got rejected from acting roles because she was married and had children!

What upsets me, even more, is that even if they’re older people with older mindsets, they say they only want to work with unmarried actresses when they’re married with children themselves. So I got pushed down the casting list for quite some time.

— Park Ha Sun

Despite these heartbreaking incidents, Park Ha Sun still thinks positively about herself.

I’m still young and charming.

— Park Ha Sun

4. Lee Sang Yeob

In an interview, Lee Sang Yeob spoke a bit about his career as an actor and how he still struggles with knowing what to do on set.

I still don’t know much about the set. Every moment is different, and all the people are different as well. I’m afraid to assume that I know a lot.

— Lee Sang Yeob

However, Lee Sang Yeob also confessed that he has had a lot of difficult moments in his career and that he sometimes questioned if he had any attractive qualities.

I feel like I lived thinking I’m an actor without any attractive qualities. I also thought that my acting didn’t give people any enjoyment and that I was a person who wasn’t able to entertain others.

— Lee Sang Yeob

Thankfully, Lee Sang Yeob is trying his best to overcome these thoughts.

I’m overcoming it little by little by working non-stop. It’s comforting when people react to what I do.

— Lee Sang Yeob

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