4 Korean Artists Who Were Once Beloved, But Are Now Given The Cold Shoulder By The Korean General Public

Their popularity went spiraling down.

Scandals are one of the worst things that can happen to a Korean artist, as their popularity can change completely due to one. Here are some Korean artists who were once beloved, but are now given the cold shoulder by the Korean general public due to them getting involved in big scandals.

1. Yoo Seung Jun

Yoo Seung Jun was one of the most popular artists in Korean in the late ’90s to early 2000s, but his career came to a halt after a big scandal. Yoo Seung Jun had made multiple promises that he would serve his military obligations, but when it was time for him to serve, he gave up his Korean citizenship to acquire an America one.

Due to this, Yoo Seung Jun did not have to serve in the military, and he received massive backlash for this. Yoo Seung Jun was also forced to leave South Korea, as the Korean government viewed this as an act of desertion. Not only that, but he was also banned from entering the country. While Yoo Seung Jun has been making constant apologies throughout the years, the general public still hasn’t forgiven him.

2. Jung Joon Young

Jung Joon Young was once beloved by many due to his singing skills, as well as his humorous personality that he displayed during variety shows. However, his career came to a halt in 2019.

In 2019, it was revealed that Jung Joon Young had been sexually assaulting women, illegally filming them, and distributing these videos in a group chat. All of this was done without the consent of the women, and Jung Joon Young’s image was permanently ruined after this.

3. MC Mong

MC Mong was one of the most popular artists in Korea in the 2000s, but his image took a massive hit after a scandal in 2010.

In 2010, MC Mong was accused of trying to dodge his military service by purposefully pulling out some of his teeth. While MC Mong initially denied these claims, netizens harshly criticized him as they didn’t believe him. Now, whenever MC Mong does appear on broadcasts, he receives massive backlash from netizens.

4. Iron

Iron gained massive popularity after he appeared on Show Me The Money 3. Iron ended up getting 2nd place on the show and was praised by many for his rapping skills and unique tone.

However, after this successful appearance, Iron got involved in multiple scandals. When he released his first album, he received massive backlash due to one of the songs. In his song “ROLL”, there were some lyrics that implied that he was glamorizing rape.

I heard you said “Boy, just rape me”
I think I’m sober, Not crazy
This is my play gym for you play as muc has you want My babe
Understand this first Ain’t no lover
Brand this in your head I’m yo fuckin’ owner
I conquer, you obey, we only harvest the instinc god seeded
Hol up, I won’t say it twice, strip

— Iron

Not only that, but he also faced massive backlash when he was found guilty of physically assaulting his girlfriend. After all of this, Iron’s image was practically ruined.