4 Of The Saddest Moments In The History Of “Running Man”

Number 3 will have fans in tears.

While SBS‘s Running Man is mostly known for its humor, there have also been some moments that left the viewers and cast members in tears. Here’s a list of some of the saddest moments in the history of Running Man.

1. Song Joong Ki’s last episode

When Running Man began in 2010, Song Joong Ki was one of the original cast members on the show.

He ended up forming a close bond with all the members, particularly with Lee Kwang Soo, as they are the same age.

Around a year after being on the show, Song Joong Ki decided to leave Running Man to focus on his acting career. In his final episode, Song Joong Ki was seen tearing up thanking all the cast members.

Lee Kwang Soo and Song Ji Hyo got emotional with Song Joong Ki’s departure, which broke the hearts of viewers.

Here’s the full clip of Song Joong Ki’s departure below.

2. Lee Kwang Soo & Song Ji Hyo’s talk

While Lee Kwang Soo and Song Ji Hyo might bicker a lot, the two care deeply for each other. The two once had a sincere conversation, and Song Ji Hyo thanked Lee Kwang Soo for helping her during her time on Running Man. When Song Ji Hyo first joined the show, she had a hard time getting close to the other members.

She cried a lot during this time and even considered quitting the show.

However, when Lee Kwang Soo heard about this, he gave encouraging words to Song Ji Hyo, which she was thankful for.

Song Ji Hyo couldn’t contain her tears thanking Lee Kwang Soo for his kind actions.

Lee Kwang Soo also ended up apologizing to Song Ji Hyo for some of his actions during the show, as he knows that he sometimes can go overboard.

Song Ji Hyo didn’t seem to mind these actions and said that he shouldn’t worry about it.

Here’s the full conversation below.

3. Running Man nearly getting canceled

In late 2016, it was shockingly announced that Running Man was going to get canceled. This was heartbreaking news to not only fans of the show, but also the members. During the 2016 SBS Entertainment Awards, Lee Kwang Soo ended up winning the Top Excellence award for his role in Running Man. For his award speech, he gave a speech that had many in tears.

I’m sorry. I would like to thank the producers for working so hard to protect Running Man and maintain all the love it receives.

I want to thank Ji Suk Jin for teaching me comedy and giving me life lessons. I want to thank Jaesuk who has made it possible for me to be here and my mentor Jong Kook. Haha is like my family, and Jihyo my real older sister, Gary my brother, and Joong Ki.

I love you all. I’ve been so happy. I was happy for 7 years from when I was 28 to 33 now, and I thank you for giving me such a great award and love. This is more than I deserve. I will try my best to bring you laughter until the very end. Let’s end everything on a good note. “

— Lee Kwang Soo

Song Ji Hyo while listening to Lee Kwang Soo’s speech

Thankfully the show ended up getting uncanceled, which was heartwarming news to both fans and the cast members.

Running Man will continue to air with all the members in place!!

Due to the overwhelming sadness of both Korean and International fans over the end of Running Man, SBS and the 6 members have decided to continue the Running Man series.

SBS’ Chief of Headquarters, Nam Seung Yong, who originally created the show Running Man in 2010 has been meeting with the cast since the beginning of the year until recently to have deep conversations [about Running Man].

Through these conversations, he apologized to the members over and over again for the incidents that happened during the re-formatting of the show. The 6 members agreed to stay on the show [after these discussions].”


4. Gary’s last episode

Gary was one of the original cast members of Running Man who joined the show in 2010.

He ended up forming a close bond with all the members, particularly Song Ji Hyo, as they were dubbed the “Monday Couple” due to their chemistry together.

Gary ended up leaving the show in 2016. In his final episode, the members tried to be as cheerful as possible, but couldn’t contain their emotions at the end of the episode.

Since his departure, Gary has become a dedicated husband and father.

Here’s a clip of Gary’s last episode below.

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