“Since V Isn’t Coming…” The Cast Of “Running Man” Can’t Stop Bragging About BTS’s V After His Appearance

One episode had an impact on the whole cast and crew!

BTS‘s V has proved his charm and influence after being mentioned on Running Man after his recent appearance.


To promote his album Layover, V appeared on the loved show Running Man and captured the hearts of the cast and viewers with his charisma.

BTS’s V on “Running Man” | SBS

It seems like V’s impact on the show has already been felt, as the cast couldn’t stop bringing up the idol during the recent episode.

In a clip shared, Haha noticed the difference straight away, especially when it came to the production crew, as he explained, “Since V isn’t coming, [the production team] all dressed up in a mess.”

Yet, it wasn’t just the production team who felt an impact by having V there, and there seemed to be a hilarious interaction after Haha revealed how shocked he was when V asked for his contact information, and the other cast responded.

Haha: But, I was like, “Wow,” because he asked for my contact information first.

Ji Suk Jin: You gave him your contact information?!! What about me?

Haha: He came to look for me…

When Yoo Jae Suk joked that V couldn’t contact everyone because of his busy schedule, Kim Jong Kook and Ji Suk Jin started having a debate about being “Singer sunbaes.”

Yoo Jae Suk: He can’t be contacting everyone since he is busy.

Kim Jong Kook to Ji Suk Jin: And sorry, but it’s because we are singer sunbaes…

Ji Suk Jin: I’m a singer sunbae, too!

Kim Jong Kook: You’re a comedian!

When Ji Suk Jin explained that V said he would go golfing with Se Chan, Yoo Jae Suk joked that there would be a long process to get that through, especially when it would probably have to go through HYBE.

You have to write ‘My name is comedian Ji Suk Jin. I wanted to contact you about your company’s artist, Mr. V, who clearly wanted to play screen golf with us, but since we don’t have any contact information, we’re contacting you cautiously.’

— Yoo Jae Suk

Kim Jong Kook then bragged that he also received a text from V.

V sent me a text, ‘Hyungnim I was in a hurry to go, so I couldn’t give Haha my number. [Text message: “Please give me Haha’s contact information!”]’ He only got mine…

— Kim Jong Kook

In the end, after it was revealed that only Haha and Kim Jong Kook got V’s number, Jae Suk joked that they were bragging and the duo couldn’t deny it.

Hey, V! Taehyungah! It’s different for singer sunbaes since we are singers! You’re an alright dude!

— Haha and Kim Jong Kook

As always, no matter where V goes and who he interacts with, the idol makes a huge impact. Although the Running Man cast are entertainment veterans, even they got excited to interact with V.

Source: @naver_taehyung

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