4 Things That Can Get Korean Celebrities Banned From Broadcasting Networks

Number 2 is just unforgivable.

Korean broadcasting networks have no problem with temporarily or permanently banning celebrities from their network if they commit certain acts. Throughout the years, more and more Korean celebrities have been getting banned from broadcasting networks due to their behavior. Here’s a list of things that can get Korean celebrities banned from broadcasting networks.

1. Gambling

Gambling is illegal in Korea, and Korean celebrities are usually looked at quite negatively when they get caught gambling in any way. SHINHWA‘s Andy was once caught gambling on soccer matches in 2013, and it led to him getting banned from MBC, one of Korea’s main broadcasting channels.

However, Andy was only banned from MBC for around a year, as MBC eventually lifted the ban.

2. Sexual harassment and assault

When Korean celebrities are found guilty of sexual harassment or assault, their careers usually are over, as their reputation is pretty much ruined. Former Roo’Ra member Go Young Wook got banned from all Korean broadcasting networks after he was found guilty of sexually harassing and assaulting three minors.

3. DUIs

While there have been cases of Korean celebrities getting forgiven for drunk driving, multiple DUIs can ruin a celebrity’s reputation and get them banned from broadcasting networks. Former Leessang member Gil got banned from KBS in 2017 after he got his third DUI.

4. Drug charges

Drug charges can also get Korean celebrities banned from certain broadcasting networks, which was the case for Park Yoochun. In 2019, Park Yoochun admitted that he was guilty of illegal drug use.

I was afraid to let myself go but I think I have to admit what has to be admitted and ask for forgiveness for things that require forgiveness.

— Park Yoochun

Not long after this, MBC banned Park Yoochun from their network.

Park Yoochun hasn’t been on any MBC program for the past number of years. He was officially listed onto the suspension list after he admitted to his drug charges, the fact that he tested positive during a drug test, and his following arrest.

— MBC Representative