4 Times Family Members Of Korean Celebrities Decided To Stand Up To Malicious Netizens

Number 3 was extremely savage!

Malicious netizens are one of the worst things that Korean celebrities have to deal with, as celebrities often get criticized for absurd reasons. There have even been times when malicious netizens took things too far, and the family members of celebrities decided to stand up against them. Here are four times when this occurred.

1. Singer Solbi’s mother cursing out malicious netizens that targeted Solbi

Solbi recently made a post on her Instagram account that had many in tears. She revealed that her mother learned how to use the computer just so that she could defend Solbi from malicious netizens.

Around 2008, my mother enrolled in computer class. My mom used 2G and didn’t even know what IT meant… so I asked her why she suddenly enrolled in computer class.

My mom said she did it to cuss out the malicious netizens online. She said she wanted to tell them that her daughter’s not like that. That she has an admirable daughter. That her mother knew that best.

— Solbi

2. ITZY Chaeryeong’s mother asking netizens to leave Chaeryeong alone

Chaeryeong is someone who has had to deal with malicious netizens from a young age, as many malicious netizens have insulted her visuals. It even got to the point where Chaeryeong’s mother had to ask these netizens to stop.

It’s very easy for you to say hurtful things about Chaeryeong. She is a kid that just debuted, she is a person I treasure more than anyone. Even if you guys don’t find her pretty, you don’t have to leave hurtful comments on every article and video without hesitation.

— Chaeryeong’s mother

Chaeryeong’s mother also told the malicious netizens that Chaeryeong was a sweet person and that she was being judged unfairly.

If she did anything that is bad then it’s fair to judge her. However, all you guys are doing is pointing at the appearance of a 19-year-old girl. Everyone has their own charms and everyone has their own preferences. It’s so sad and hurtful to see my innocent and precious daughter get scolded for her appearance. Chaeryeong is a kind and well-mannered child. Please look after her, you don’t have to be nice to her but please don’t be hurtful. Please

— Chaeryeong’s mother 


3. MOMOLAND JooE’s brother standing up for JooE

JooE has had to deal with malicious netizens since her debut, and one time, her brother decided to defend her.

| @momoland_official/Instagram

On Facebook, a hater was criticizing JooE’s visuals, which caused her brother to make a savage comment.

Hey, poster. Thanks for uploading this kind of post and raising my sister’s fame.

Everyone who’s commenting, please remember this post when you see her on TV.

Her cuteness grows on you the more you see her.

But to the poster, make sure you write these kinds of posts under a nickname. If you reveal your real name, you’re gonna wish you’re dead.^^

You probably can’t even say anything if you meet her in real life. It’s so sad and unfortunate that you’re writing these types of posts…

Live your life better and remember one thing. My sister doesn’t even know you exist.

— JooE’s brother

4. Actor Seo Woo Jin’s mother standing up for her son

Seo Woo Jin is a child actor who played the role of Kim Tae Hee‘s daughter in the K-Drama Hi Bye, Mama! despite actually being a boy.

This caused Seo Woo Jin to receive some criticism from netizens, and it got to the point where Seo Woo Jin’s mother addressed the criticisms.

Anyone who knows this child would understand and say that those who criticize us for gender identity issues are meddling for no good reason. He’s a very masculine boy. He likes to hear that he’s handsome and manly rather than to hear that he’s cute or pretty.

Some are saying things that make us uncomfortable. Please don’t judge and spread false rumors based on what you see on the outside alone. I know my son better than anyone, I love him, and I put him first.

— Seo Woo Jin’s mother