Solbi’s Mother Learned to Use the Computer Just so She Could Cuss out Malicious Netizens

Solbi’s mother learned to use the computer so that she could protect her daughter.

Singer Solbi just shared a post about her mother that’s touching beyond words.

The post included a photo of Solbi and her mother, and the singer also revealed that the reason why her mother learned to use the computer was her.

Around 2008, my mother enrolled in computer class. My mom used 2G and didn’t even know what IT meant… so I asked her why she suddenly enrolled in computer class.

– Solbi

Solbi continued,

My mom said she did it to cuss out the malicious netizens online. She said she wanted to tell them that her daughter’s not like that. That she has an admirable daughter. That her mother knew that best.

– Solbi

It turns out, Solbi’s mother learned to use the computer to protect her daughter online.

Solbi looked back on the memory and added,

When I heard that, I was sitting on my bed smiling. But when I went to bed, I balled my eyes out.

– Solbi

Solbi then expressed her gratitude to her mother with sincere words.

I’m so happy because you’re with me, Mom. Thank you for being my best Sunbae and I know you’ll be my longest friend in life.

– Solbi

In response to the touching story, fans left comments such as “I’m tearing up” and “My heart feels warm from that“.

Happy Parents’ Day to all the parents out there.

Source: Insight