4 Times K-Pop Fans Predicted The Future

Some of these are just scary.

There are some moments when K-Pop fans are like psychics, as they sometimes accurately predict the future of some artists. Here’s a look at some moments when K-Pop fans were able to predict the future.

1. Predicting BTS’s, MAMAMOO’s, and BTOB’s success

In 2015, an online community post by an online user seemingly was able to predict the success of these 3 groups.

My hope is that BTS, BTOB, and MAMAMOO become so famous that everyone knows who they are…If these groups make it big then they would be able to break the stereotype about idols 100%, right?

— Online community post user

Many netizens were shocked when they found this comment, as this comment was made before these groups got their first music show win, and before they released some of their most iconic songs.

2. Predicting EXO Chen’s marriage

While this one might not have been predicted by a K-Pop fan, the accuracy of this prediction was amazing. When Chen announced his marriage in 2020, it caught many by surprise, but one netizen seemingly predicted in late 2019. Three weeks before the news of Chen’s marriage got revealed, a netizen once asked a question about Chen.

Is it true that EXO’s Chen will be getting married soon?

— Netizen

When people first saw this, they scoffed at the question and thought that there was no way it could be true.

If that was true, there’s no way the reporters would be this quiet, haha.

— Netizen

However, they were in for a surprise when Chen made his announcement in 2020.

3. Predicting BLACKPINK’s plans in 2020

In a BLACKPINK fan fiction called BLACK DAYS, PINK NIGHTS, written by writer Salty_Sugar, there was a certain part that predicted BLACKPINK’s comeback and Rosé‘s solo in 2020.

She won’t because we’ll send her in America to spend a time for collaboration project. Meanwhile we’ll use this time for starting a preparation for comeback. When Rosé will return in Korea to record a solo album, Blackpink’s comeback project will be almost ready. Afterward we can let her to release anything she want. That’s a main point.


This ended up coming true, as YG Entertainment released a statement in 2020 that Rosé would be making her solo debut after BLACKPINK’s comeback.

| @ygent_official/Twitter

4. Predicting the concept of BTS’s “LOVE YOURSELF: Tear”

Before BTS released their album “LOVE YOURSELF: Tear”, an ARMY was able to predict the concept accurately. Blogger Finch & Jay predicted that the album was going to have a darker concept and that a lot the focus was going to be on Jin and V.

Finch & Jay also gave an explanation about figuring this out.

| Finch & Jay/Tumblr

I hope this might help anyone who is confused.

This is my understanding of how the entire LOVE YOURSELF era is structured.
Obviously, not everything is known yet, but I’ve included some guesswork (in pink). The art for TEAR and ANSWER are just me doodling. A wilting flower for TEAR. A placeholder scribble for ANSWER.

The wiggly line down at the bottom is purely conjecture for the narrative feeling of this whole era and something I’ve been pondering about since HER was released. HER struck me as too bright compared to all of BTS’s previous work. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The look and sound at the start of HER is hyper-vibrant, cosmic love, ‘the universe moved so we could be together’, pure joy, almost to the point of feeling artificial. Perhaps this was pushed so far into the light in order to show contrast when we dive all the way into the dark.

If you follow the lyrical progression of the album, it gradually dims along the way. Pure love becomes slightly objectifying love in Dimple. The love turns obsessive in Pied Piper. Then love of fame in Mic Drop and love of money/frivolous spending in Go Go. Outro: HER brings us all the way down by exploring unhealthy love. Love for the sake of loving, but sacrificing self and personal truth to have it.

The hidden tracks, Hesitation & Fear and Sea are cold splashes of reality. BTS, as their real selves, talk about what they’re going through with their explosion of fame. The pressure. The apprehension. The awareness of the masks they are wearing as idols. Sea affirms all of this, suggesting that success itself is just another kind of struggle. This last part of the album sounds more like the BTS we’re familiar with.

For the next part, which we now know is TEAR, all signs have been pointing to dark themes. The hints about the concept, and what the boys have conveyed themselves, allude to material that is heavy, emotional, risky, and possibly sociopolitically charged. It’s probably a reasonable guess we will get a more detailed look at the cinematic storyline where we get to see why there was a ‘breaking of the fellowship’ between this group of friends and what happened as a result.

ANSWER is likely to wrap things up with a positive trajectory again. Narrative resolution and enlightenment at the end of the journey.”

— Finch & Jay