4 Times K-Pop Idols Had To Deal With Entitled “Fans”

Some of these “fans” even got violent!

There are some “fans” in K-Pop who feel they are entitled to something just because they are fans, and this has led to some terrible situations. Here are 4 times K-Pop idols had to, unfortunately, deal with entitled “fans”.

1. IZ*ONE having to deal with an angry “fan” who kicked their van

IZ*ONE’s manager once expressed their frustration towards a rude “fan”. The manager stated that the “fan” kicked their van since they weren’t allowed to get a picture with the members.

The person who kicked our moving van because we didn’t let you take a picture with IZ*ONE?

— IZ*ONE’s manager

The manager also gave a warning towards the “fan”.

I’ll remember your face. See you next time.

— IZ*ONE’s manager

2. SEVENTEEN’s Joshua dealing with a “fan” who threw things at him

During a fan meeting, a “fan” got upset and started throwing things at Joshua.

It’s speculated that the “fan” was angered at how Joshua was “frowning” at her. However, Joshua was frowning not because of the “fan”, but because he had a sty on his eye.

Luckily, security was able to escort this “fan” out of the fan meeting.

3. Girl’s Day dealing with an angry “fan” who cursed at them and kicked their manager

During an episode of Life Bar, the members of Girl’s Day shared a story about a disrespectful “fan” they met at an airport. The “fan” had asked the members for a picture together, but the members had to decline and told him that they would give him an autograph instead. The “fan” then got enraged and even kicked Girl’s Day’s manager.

While the Girl’s Day members were upset due to this, their manager told them to ignore the “fan” and to just board their plane. However, when the “fan” got in the same plane as the members, Yura started to glare at him. The “fan” saw this and told her, “What the f**k are you staring at?” Yura then yelled at the “fan”, telling him, “Why did you hit our manager?

The other passengers heard this and told the members to just ignore the “fan”. Some of the passengers even gave the members heartfelt letters that nearly brought them to tears.

4. “Fans” telling TWICE’s Sana to not date

When it was confirmed that TWICE’s Jihyo and Kang Daniel were in a relationship, some “fans” of Sana made a demand that she never date.

Lots of netizens and ONCEs (TWICE’s fandom) saw this and criticized these “fans” for making such a demand towards Sana.

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