IZ*ONE’s Manager Expresses Anger at an Entitled Fan for Kicking Their Van

“I’ll remember your face.” – IZ*ONE’s Manager

Everybody knows how much fans love their idols, but one incident that IZ*ONE‘s manager exposed is gaining much attention online.

IZ*ONE’s manager took to their Instagram account to share a short mention of what a fan did recently when they couldn’t get a picture with the idols.

The person who kicked our moving van because we didn’t let you take a picture with IZ*ONE?

– IZ*ONE’s Manager


The manager then went on to give the “fan” a stern warning.

I’ll remember your face. See you next time.

– IZ*ONE’s Manager

On the morning of that day, IZ*ONE filmed a live broadcast at a studio located in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do.

As soon as they finished filming, they proceeded to their van under the protection of their staff and left without being able to greet or take photos with the fans onsight.

And according to the manager, one fan was so angry that they reportedly kicked the van that IZ*ONE was in.

In response to the news, fans are reacting with comments such as “That fan is so stupid“, “Will they pay them back for the car repair?“, “How is that a fan?“, and “That’s inappropriate no matter how disappointed they were“.

Source: Insight