4 Times Malicious Netizens Took Things Too Far And Decided To Terrorize The Family Members Of Idols

These are just heartbreaking.

Malicious netizens are known to attack K-Pop idols for ridiculous reasons, but some netizens decide to take it a step further by leaving malicious comments towards their family members. Here are a few times when malicious netizens decided to terrorize the family members of idols.

1. Attacking TWICE Momo’s sister

After it was announced that Momo was dating Super Junior‘s Heechul, a malicious netizen decided to leave a lot of inappropriate comments on Momo’s sister’s Instagram account.

Momo houses the **** of old ******* Kim Hee Chul.

Momo gets ****** on by the old ******* Kim Hee Chul.

I can write these things since Momo’s ***** sister can’t read Korean.

That Japanese ***** Momo has *** with that old ******* Kim Hee Chul.

— Malicious netizen

| @banghana/Instagram

After this, many fans came to defend Momo’s sister by responding to the malicious commenter.

I suggest you stop now, Malicious Commenter.

Shut up, you scum, who doesn’t know how to say anything nice.

— Fans

2. Malicious netizens sexually harassing THE BOYZ Joo Haknyeon’s mother

When Joo Haknyeon was a contestant on Produce 101 Season 2, some malicious netizens decided to attack his mother after he revealed that his father passed away a year before the show began. Some of these malicious netizens even sexually harassed Joo Haknyeon’s mother.

Cre.Ker Entertainment, which is Joo Haknyeon’s agency, even had to release a statement asking these malicious netizens to stop.

There have been many malicious comments these days defaming and even sexually harassing Joo Haknyeon’s mother, who is currently managing a farm by herself in the countryside. We earnestly ask you all to stop hurting a young boy who has lost a family member. Please stop with the sexual and insulting comments towards Joo Haknyeon’s mother.

— Cre.Ker Entertainment

3. Hater attacking Dasom and her parents

Former SISTAR member Dasom once received a rude DM from a hater on her Instagram account. The hater not only attacked Dasom but also attacked her parents as well.

You’re a b*tch with dead parents don’t go running your f*cking mouth you stupid b*tch. I hope you get into a car accident and die.

— Hater

Dasom responded to the hater as professionally as she could.

What a pitiful life… How hurt do you have to be to send a message like that? I’ll be praying for you and your wretched life.

— Dasom

However, Dasom was quite hurt by this message, and publicly shared the contents of the message on her Instagram.

On top of everything else, it’s my father’s birthday today, so it’s very difficult for me to ignore the comment calling me a b*tch with dead parents. I’ve endured it well for the past 6 years, but now it’s really tough. It’s killing me.

— Dasom

4. Malicious netizen terrorizing Jeon So Min’s brother

Jeon So Min might not be an idol, but she is someone who has been targeted by many malicious “fans” of Running Man. It even got to the point where Jeon So Min’s brother, Jeon Wook Min, received multiple malicious DMs from one “fan” about Jeon So Min.

Your little sister, Jeon So Min is on Running Man every day. Your entire family is cursed on those days.

Please ask her. Did Jeon So Min really film a sex movie in Japan?

Jeon So Min, get out of Running Man.

Make Jeon So Min leave Running Man or your family will be cursed every single day.

Stop your body and train your mind so that you can tell your sister to stop appearing on Running Man.

— Netizen