4 Times RM Was “Done” Being BTS’s Leader

RM has so much patience!

BTS‘s RM has shown off his amazing leadership many times, and the other members are quite appreciative of him.

However, throughout the years, there have been many moments when the other members got a bit “chaotic” and tested RM’s patience.

Here are 4 times RM was “done” being BTS’s leader.

1. RM’s “experience” on I-LAND

When BTS guested on the final episode of the survival show I-LAND, the BTS members gave the trainees great advice, but there were also some “chaotic” moments as well. During the episode, there was a part where Suga suddenly started fake laughing, which caused most of the other members to laugh as well.

However, RM had a bit of a different reaction, as he was a bit embarrassed and even did a “he’s crazy” hand gesture.

Not only that, but V also talked about how the I-LAND trainees were getting a lot of food, but when he was a trainee, he didn’t have much food.

RM couldn’t help but laugh while listening to V’s “rant”.

V apologized for bringing up the past but continued speaking on how he got scolded as a rookie for eating a chicken breast with salt. RM eventually had to take his microphone away and apologized.

Here’s the full video below!

2. RM having to cut off Suga’s message

In 2018, BTS was giving some supportive messages to students who were about to take the CSAT (College Scholastic Ability Test, also known as the Suneung). Near the end, Suga told the students, “this scholastic test might not be important in so many ways“.

The members couldn’t help but laugh at Suga’s message, and RM even cut him off.

Here’s the full video below!

3. RM getting left behind by his members

During an episode of Yaman TV, RM shared that one time when BTS was doing interviews, he decided to take a quick stop to the bathroom. However, when he came back, he saw that the members had left without him!

Suga then explained that they took two cars that day, and they just assumed RM was in one of them. However, RM was still “heartbroken” over this incident.

What made it worse was that RM didn’t have his phone with him, as he had left in the car. RM ended up having to go to the security office in the parking lot to use their phone to call the members.

4. The “rap battle” disaster

One time, the BTS members were having a “rap battle”, and during the “battle” between Jin and Jimin, things got a little crazy. Jin ended up telling Jimin, “Your rap is so corrupted. I rap just like Jay-Z“.

Once the members heard this, they burst with laughter. However, Suga had a different reaction, as he started acting a little “crazy” and even cursed.

RM tried to calm the situation down, but nothing worked, and he ended up saying, “we can’t air this!”

Here’s the full video below!


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