5 Years Later: Here’s What The 4Minute Members Are Doing Since Disbanding In 2016

We still miss them as a group, but they’re doing great!

Can you believe it’s already been around five years since 4Minute sadly disbanded in June 2016? The Cube Entertainment girl group rose to become one of the most popular of their generation, but where are the members now? Here’s what Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, HyunA, and Sohyun went on to do in recent years.

1. Jihyun

Jihyun, now more commonly known as Son Ji Hyun, first rose to fame as the leader, lead dancer, and visual of 4Minute. During her time with the group, Son Ji Hyun also acted in several television series on SBS, MBC, KBS, and more. After 4Minute disbanded, Son Ji Hyun went back to her acting career with full force.

| Cube Entertainment

Signing with Artist Company, Son Ji Hyun (now 31 years old) went on to play roles in KBS’s Strongest Deliveryman, TV Chosun‘s Grand Prince, and tvN’s When the Devil Calls Your Name. She even starred in a movie called Trade Your Love. Her most recent role was in MBC every1‘s Love is Annoying, But I Hate Being Lonely last year, but she hasn’t forgotten her idol roots completely. Last year, she also competed on King of Masked Singer.

| @jihyunilovee/Instagram

2. Gayoon

As the main vocalist of 4Minute, Gayoon (now also known as Heo Ga Yoon) spent her career with the group focused mainly on singing. Alongside performing with the rest of 4Minute, she also released over a dozen OST solos and collaborations between 2009 and 2015. As such, many were surprised to see that Heo Ga Yoon left her singing career behind after 4Minute’s disbandment.

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After graduating from Dongguk University with a degree in Film and Theater the same year, Heo Ga Yoon (now 30 years old) joined BS Company and began building her portfolio as an actress. In 2018, she played a supporting role in the movie The Drug King, but by 2020, she scored a main role in the thriller Search Out. Search Out went on to top the South Korean box office on release day despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

| @gayoon_heo/Instagram

3. Jiyoon

You may know the lead rapper and lead vocalist of 4Minute as Jiyoon, but these days, she’s known as Jenyer. Shortly after leaving Cube Entertainment, Jenyer joined JS E&M to debut as a soloist. By November 2016, she’d already released her first single album—Day and Night, with the title track “I Do.”

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Since then, Jenyer (now 30 years old) has released another single album (Bad), a mini-album (The moment I loved), and several singles, including collaborations with Samuel Seo and Kisum. Her latest single, “Bad (featuring KIMMUSEUM),” was released in 2020.

| @jenyerjiyoon/Instagram

4. Hyuna

Following 4Minute’s disbandment, main dancer, main rapper, and face of the group HyunA was the only member who renewed her contract with Cube Entertainment. However, she wouldn’t stay there for long. HyunA had already been active as a solo artist during 4Minute’s career, so it was no surprise that she continued on with chart-topping singles like “Babe” and “Lip & Hip,” as well as a subunit—Triple H with PENTAGON‘s Hui and former member Dawn.

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However, when HyunA and Dawn’s relationship was exposed by the media in 2018, Cube Entertainment decided to terminate both artists’ contracts. Thankfully, HyunA was able to rise up strong again. Despite being diagnosed with depression, panic disorder, and a fainting condition called vasovagal syncope, HyunA (now 28 years old) signed with Psy‘s agency P NATION and began releasing music again. This year, she dropped her latest single “I’m Not Cool” along with its accompanying mini-album. And thankfully, her relationship with Dawn is still going strong.

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

5. Sohyun

Last but not least, the group’s lead dancer and maknae Sohyun also went down the acting route. Like Heo Gayoon, Kwon So Hyun also studied Film and Theatre at Dongguk University, so it’s no surprise she decided to make a career in the field. For the most part, Kwon So Hyun’s only acting credits when she left 4Minute were cameos, but that didn’t stop her from scoring some prominent roles in recent years.

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Kwon So Hyun (now 26 years old) joined 935 Entertainment in 2016, switching to TheCNT in 2019. Most recently, she acted in SBS’s The Secret Life of My Secretary, OCN‘s Class of Lies, and the move Run Boy Run.

| @kkwonsso_94/Instagram