These 4th Generation Female K-Pop Idols Are The “Representatives” Of Being Cute, According To Netizens

Did your fave make the list?

As more 4th Generation K-Pop girl groups debut, more have been returning to more cute concepts and straying from the popular “girl crush” concept. In a post made to an online forum, Korean netizens discussed the girl group members they believe are representatives of being cute.

Here are some of the most mentioned female idols!

1. NewJeans’ Hanni

Hanni is the second oldest member of ADOR‘s NewJeans. Netizens have previously fawned over photos showing how beautiful she is!

| @newjeans_ADOR/Instagram

2. NMIXX’s Jiwoo

Recently, NMIXX‘s Jiwoo stunned netizens with her gorgeous transformation after cutting her bangs!


3. IVE’s Rei

IVE‘s Rei has proven how adorable and cute she is with and without makeup.

| @ivestarship/Instagram

4. Billlie’s Tsuki

Billlie‘s Tsuki first went viral for her intense and cute stage expressions, which attracted many fans to the group!

| @Billlieofficial/Twitter

5. LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae

“Maknae of the Year” Eunchae has LE SSERAFIM completely wrapped around her fingers and often goes viral for her adorable behavior!


6. aespa’s Winter

Aespa‘s Winter has an amazing duality that allows her to be fierce on stage but cuteย off the stage!

Which girl group members do you think represent the word “cute” best?

Source: Instiz