NMIXX’s Jiwoo Stuns With Gorgeous Transformation After Cutting Bangs

“You’re saying she’s NMIXX’s Jiwoo?”

NMIXX‘s Jiwoo has always been gorgeous! In fact, she was known amongst fans as the “standard Korean beauty” visual in the group, meaning that her face fits all the traditional beauty standards!

She rocked her long, straight, hair for a long time. Ever since debut, she had the same hairstyle. Sometimes it was changed up with accessories or hats, but she never strayed far from the style.

Fans were extremely surprised to see Jiwoo with a new haircut on February 2, 2023! She sported newly cut bangs which framed her face perfectly. Fans praised her doll-like beauty.

With straight bangs and braided hair, Jiwoo looked even more gorgeous than usual. It also gave her a more youthful and cutesy vibe.

She looked flawless in video.

We love the new hair for her!

Fans totally went crazy for the new look.

  • “Jiwoo is pretty. I’m so sad people are only realising it now.”
  • “You’re saying she’s NMIXX’s Jiwoo? Did she lose weight? She’s f*cking pretty.”
  • “Which group’s Jiwoo is she? She’s f*cking pretty. I fell in love.”
  • “An angel.”

She was gorgeous before but she’s goddess level after the slight change in hair!