5 Of The Best Sope Moments From “BTS In The SOOP 2”

Sope is such an iconic duo!

BTS In the SOOP 2 has sadly come to an end, but we’ll be talking about and replaying the episodes for a while!

Just like the first season, the second season of In the SOOP blessed ARMYs with lots of memorable interactions between the members.

Suga and J-Hope (aka Sope) proved just how iconic of a duo they are on many occasions throughout the show.

Here are 5 of the best Sope moments from In the SOOP 2!

1. When they figured out how to work the espresso machine

Americanos=life for J-Hope! Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to work the espresso machine the staff provided for the members at first.

| BTS/Weverse

Suga stepped in to help and reminded J-Hope that he would have to grind the beans before he could make himself an espresso shot.

After getting a little help from Suga, J-Hope was able to make his shot.

Soon, J-Hope had a homemade iced americano, and he shared a little of it with his bestie Suga.

2. When J-Hope knew exactly how to convince Suga to make hwachae

The members, especially J-Hope, were craving hwachae (watermelon punch) after eating lunch together on their first full day of filming In the SOOP 2.

Although J-Hope wanted some hwachae, he didn’t particularly feel like making it. So, he flattered Suga in an attempt to get him to make the hwachae instead. He said, “If Yoongi makes it, we’ll definitely eat it.” 

Suga agreed to make the watermelon punch, and he told the members that they would need to cut watermelon to make the punch. J-Hope flattered him again by saying, “You have great chopping skills.” 

J-Hope’s flattery worked yet again, and Suga said he would chop the watermelon himself.

This moment proved J-Hope loves to compliment Suga and that he knows how to get him to make delicious foods and drinks for the members!

3. When they flexed their sharpshooting skills

V started shooting empty bottles, and Jimin, Suga, and J-Hope were intrigued. They walked over to see what V was up to.

Soon, the other 3 members were joining in the shooting fun, and they decided to shoot in teams. Suga and V were on one team, and J-Hope and Jimin were on the other.

As they took turns shooting, Sope and the 95s shared plenty of laughs!

4. When they had a late-night whiskey party

J-Hope and Jimin were hanging out in J-Hope’s room, and they decided to head to the main house to drink some whiskey. When they got there, Suga was upstairs in the library drinking whiskey while reading a book. When he heard his besties J-Hope and Jimin come into the house, he headed downstairs to join them for more drinks.

J-Hope and Jimin played FIFA 21 while Suga lounged on the couch with his glass of whiskey.

J-Hope and Jimin were super into their video game, so Suga decided to make some snacks for the party while they played.

The video gamers were really thankful for the snacks. J-Hope said “Yoongi, look at that” as he reached for one of the canapes.

The late-night whiskey party was full of laughter, and Suga was very happy for J-Hope when he scored his first goal in FIFA 21! 

5. When they cooked breakfast together

The morning after their whiskey party, J-Hope and Suga made breakfast together. They decided to have yeolmu naengmyeon (buckwheat noodles with young radish kimchi). As they cooked, J-Hope proudly told Suga that he was a better drinker than he used to be and that he and Jimin had finished the bottle of whiskey after Suga went to bed.

Suga cooked the noodles while J-Hope grabbed their bowls. Soon, they were ready to eat their delicious breakfast!

They both thoroughly enjoyed the yeolmu naengmyeon, and the food reminded Suga of a festival in his hometown. He told J-Hope that he had won a writing contest at the festival while in elementary school and that he loved eating store-bought naengmyeon from a vendor at the festival. J-Hope was surprised to hear that the festival was such a big deal in Suga’s hometown, and he wished that he had a similar festival in his hometown growing up!