These 5 BIGBANG Songs Were Almost Cancelled By YG

When deciding which songs make the final cut of an album, some sacrifices need to be made, resulting in many amazing tracks simply not ever be released.

Whether they didn’t fit with the album’s concept, or simply because the boss didn’t like them, there are many reasons that a song could fail to make the cut. Even though they’re well-loved hit tracks, these BIGBANG songs almost never got released.

1. “BAD BOY”

It’s hard to believe that this song, which has more than 100 million views on YouTube, was almost never released. “Bad Boy” was from BIGBANG’s 5th mini-album Alive and the music video was shot on the mean streets of New York.


2. “BAE BAE”

BIGBANG’s “BAE BAE”, from their recent album Made M almost never came outAlthough the song has a mellow vibe that departs from the themes of rest of the album, it became a hit with its quirky music video that showed off a grown-up version of the members.


3. Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress”

This is one of Taeyang’s breakthrough songs when he first began his solo activities. The music video and song gave major feels to everyone who has ever had to watch the one they like, love someone else. For whatever reason though, Yang Hyun Suk didn’t want it to be released at all!


4. Taeyang’s “Take It Slow”

This beautiful love song is about treasuring the girl you are in love with and, just like the title, the song itself takes it slow and showcases Taeyang’s beautiful vocals. It’s hard to follow the logic behind not wanting this song to hit the shelves.


5. Taeyang’s “Love You To Death”

This song totally livens you up and it’s just one more chance for Taeyang to serenade us. How could Yang Hyun Suk even consider keeping this away from everyone?

Source: INSTIZ