NewJeans Makes An Unexpected “Appearance” On G-Dragon’s Instagram

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G-Dragon‘s latest social media update has become a hot topic among netizens due to an unexpected guest.

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G-Dragon | DongA Ilbo

The K-Pop icon shared a picture on his Instagram story on April 19, KST, that immediately created a huge buzz across platforms. But the picture’s content was pretty domestic: his cat playing with a stuffed toy.

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The picture didn’t become a hot topic until netizens recognized the stuffed bunny toy as a popular merchandise from NewJeans! It was the blue bunny from the Bunini & Tokki collaboration merch collection from Line Friends.

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| Line Friends

Seeing this second-generation K-Pop pioneer post about the fourth-generation representative girl group understandably sparked multiple discussions in online communities. Netizens are now left wondering why G-Dragon uploaded this post. Many are guessing that a collaboration might be in the works, while others think he might just be a fan of the girl group.

NewJeans | @newjeans_official/Instagram

Meanwhile, G-Dragon, who left YG Entertainment in late 2023 and is currently under Galaxy Corporation, is expected to make a solo comeback in the second half of 2024.

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