5 Biggest Lies Korean Boyfriends Tell, As Told By A Non-Korean

Some of these might surprise you!

If you’ve already found yourself a Korean boyfriend and have followed YouTuber Megan Bowen‘s tips and tricks for making him go crazy for you, you may be interested in what she has to share with us about the lies Korean boyfriends tell!

Once again joined by her friend Eunice, Megan draws upon her experiences with dating in Korea generously shares it with us.

1. Being coy about their intentions

If a Korean guy says he just wants to hold your hand and sleep, he really means that he wants to do more than just that. WINK WINK. 😉

I’m not over here saying all guys are a particular way because, of course, we know that’s not true. But I just want to clear up the air because dramas make it seem one way and a lot of people get duped, and they get surprised when a guy is still trying to knock boots with ya.

—Megan Bowen

2. Downplaying the number of girls they’ve dated

Korean guys will downplay the number of girls they’ve dated, and if you’re dating them they’ll treat you like you’re the one and the only one that has ever really mattered.

3. Pretending they have more money than they actually do

Your boyfriend will want to impress you, especially in the beginning. So, they’ll spend more money than they actually have when they take you out to eat or buy you nice things.

They feel like they need to do that to win the girl over. In Korea, men pay for a lot of stuff.


4. Lying about where he is or what he’s doing so you don’t know he’s playing video games

There are PC cafés that charge gamers just a dollar an hour to use their epic set up and high-speed internet. Because a lot of women don’t like their boyfriends playing games, they’re afraid to look like losers so they lie about where they are or what they’re doing.

They’d rather say ‘I’m working’, or something, like ‘I’m going to bed.’


5. Pretending they’re busy so they don’t have to do “girly” activities

Your boyfriend might pretend to be working or that he’s otherwise busy when you ask him out to a café or to accompany you shopping.

Lot of men don’t really love shopping, but Korean men, too, they really don’t want to follow their girlfriends to shopping or little cafés.


Did you learn anything from Megan and Eunice?