5 Most #Brotherhood Moments Between BTS’s Jin And J-Hope That Will Make You UWU

A good hyung for a good dongsaeng!

BTS‘s Jin and J-Hope, also known as the “2Seok” of BTS, share plenty of #brotherhood moments that show the letter seok in their names isn’t the only thing they share in common. Both of them being incredibly considerate and gentle people, they actually often find themselves caring for each other and making ARMYs drop all their UWUs. Here are 5 most brotherly moments between Jin and J-Hope.

1. When J-Hope Shared He Can’t Live Without A Hyung Like Jin

On March 21, 2020, a cheeky ARMY asked J-Hope on Weverse, “What do you think about a hyung like this?”

When J-Hope saw the GIF of Jin being silly…

… he replied, “I love a hyung like this.” He claimed, “This hyung is my favorite in the whole wide world. In fact, I will look at this whenever I feel down.” J-Hope finally commented, “I don’t think I can live without a hyung like this.” And ARMYs can’t live without 2seok like them.

2. When Jin Gave J-Hope The “Next Leader” Award

In BTS‘s 2020 Season’s GreetingsJin gave J-Hope a very special gift — the “Next Leader Award”. Jin highlighted J-Hope’s much needed and appreciated role in the group and thanked him for his dedication to taking care of the members and keeping things positive among them.

[The Next Leader Award] Name: J-Hope

This member has taken care of other members’ mental well-being and maintained the team’s overall positive vibe. This award is in recognition of your work in always providing stability for the other members.

2020 Season’s Greetings BTS Jin.

— Jin

3. When J-Hope Got Abandoned In New Zealand

In one of the episodes of Bon Voyage 4, J-Hope was seen calling his members from a gas station, demanding to know why they drove off without him. ARMYs got a good laugh out of this evil prank…

BTS’s J-Hope Got Ditched At A Gas Station, And It’s All Because Of Jin

… planned by no one else but J-Hope’s hyung, Jin! The look of utter confusion that struck J-Hope’s face when he realized he had been abandoned is, pretty much, a true brotherhood summed up.

4. When Jin Wanted To Boost The Exhausted J-Hope

In the 4th episode of BTS‘s docu-series, Bring The Soul “Influence”, Jin found J-Hope suffering from a sore throat. Seeing how the usual J-Hope sunshine energy had been drained from his dongsaeng, Jin thought to himself what he could do to boost J-Hope’s mood.

In an effort to cheer up J-Hope…

… Jin gave up his one and only RJ. He gently put down the stuffed animal and gave J-Hope the time and space to be alone. ARMYs could never get over this absolute hyungdongsaeng moment that had 200% respect, 200% love, and 200% UWU.

5. When J-Hope Tried To Handle The Drink Jin Picked For Him

When BTS visited Malta in Bon Voyage 3, Jin and J-Hope found time to unwind at a cute cocktail bar together. They decided to spice up the night by picking an alcoholic beverage for each other.

When the chosen drinks were served, J-Hope realized what his hyung had picked for him was actually too strong. And Jin, knowing that his dongsaeng can’t hold a lot of liquor, apologized for the unintended attempt to poison J-Hope.

As the two continued to sip and chat though, ARMYs noticed that Jin actually switched his drink with J-Hope’s. Knowing Jin, it would have been so that J-Hope could fully enjoy the experience — and for that kind of brotherhood, ARMYs are grateful!