5 Confessions Made By BLACKPINK Members That Will Break Your Heart

Just what did Jisoo’s relatives say?

The BLACKPINK members are currently enjoying great success. However, throughout the years, the members have also made some sad confessions. Here are 5 confessions made by BLACKPINK members that will break your heart.

1. Jisoo revealing that her relatives once treated her like an outcast

While Jisoo is now known for her incredible visuals, she revealed in BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky that her relatives treated her like an outcast when she was younger because they thought she was “ugly”.

Not only that, but these relatives also called Jisoo a “monkey”.

After Jisoo shared this, BLACKPINK’s makeup artist gave her some positives words, telling her, “It’s okay. You’re the prettiest one now“.

2. Jennie revealing that she got hacked

Jennie has two Instagram accounts, which are jennierubyjane and lesyeuxdenini. However, she hasn’t posted on lesyeuxdenini since July, and it was recently revealed why. Jennie revealed that this account got hacked and that it took her several months to get it back. After regaining the account, she pleaded for people to respect her personal space.

Took almost two months to get this [account] back. Please leave my personal space alone.

— Jennie

3. Rosé speaking on the difficulties the members endured

During an episode of BLACKPINK Diaries, Rosé thanked her fellow members at the end of their tour.

All four of us, we did really, really well. And I’m very proud of each and every one of us… because we went through a lot. I’m very, very proud.

— Rosé

Rosé also got emotional when talking about how hard they worked and how they all had their own battles to fight.

I just want to point out that the members worked really hard… And I know we each had our own battles to fight… Oh gosh, this is making me cry. I’m just really proud of BLACKPINK.

— Rosé

4. Lisa speaking on being homesick when she was a trainee

Lisa moved from Thailand to Korea at a young age, and she revealed during an episode of Youth With You that she struggled in the beginning. She shared that she often called her parents because she needed some support.

Lisa also shared that during her first three months in Korea, she often called her mother and would cry. However, Lisa eventually got better and was able to adjust herself quite quickly.

5. BLACKPINK revealing what their dorm life was like

Many might assume that BLACKPINK had comfortable dorm lives when they were trainees since they’re from YG Entertainment. However, during an episode of 24/365 with BLACKPINK, the members revealed that they were quite poor when they were trainees. Jennie revealed that they often struggled to get food.

We didn’t have much money at the time. So we mainly lived based on eggs and strawberry jam. We always had scrambled eggs with strawberry jam at least once a day.

— Jennie

Not only that, but they also revealed that their dorm was filled with bugs.

We used to live with cockroaches.

— Jennie


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