These 5 Female Idols Share The Same Birthday Month And Boast Stunning Visuals

#4’s aura is no joke!

It’s officially March and with a new month, we bring you this list of gorgeous female K-Pop idols! Let’s take a look at 5 idols who not only all have March birthdays, but they are also known for their perfect visuals.

1. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

| SM Entertainment

First up on our list of gorgeous March babies is Girls’ Generation member, Taeyeon. The leader of the group’s birthday is March 9th, 1989, making her 32 years old (American age) this year. While she is known across the board for her incredible vocals, the Girls’ Generation member also stuns with her doe-like visuals. Her perfect complexion and big doe eyes are always the center of envy, with men all across the nation picking her as their ideal type.


| Moonshot Korea

Next up, we have Lisa from global girl group, BLACKPINK. Lisa also has a March birthday, but unlike Taeyeon, hers is near the end of the month. Lisa will be turning 24 (American age) this year on the 27th of March. The BLACKPINK member is always the talk of the town for her unreal proportions and her doll-like face. Her small face paired with her long legs makes her look like she popped right out of a fairytale!

3. Irene (Red Velvet)

Red Velvet member, Irene is another gorgeous March baby! Irene’s visuals are hard to ignore, as they are truly top notch. Her perfect face is always the center of conversation whenever people have a chance to bring it up. Even before her official debut, she gained a mass following because of her beautiful looks. I mean, look at her, we get it! The Red Velvet member will be turning 30 this year on March 29th, which is hard to believe considering the fact that she looks like she’s in her early 20’s.

4. Mina (TWICE)

| JYP Entertainment

Wow is this list loaded with some gorgeous faces! TWICE‘s Mina comes in hot at number 4 on our list. Mina’s visuals are no joke and her label, JYP Entertainment noticed. She was cast on the street by the agency because of her stunning looks and the rest is history. The TWICE member has a particular aura about her that just sucks you in and once you’re in, you’re in.

5. Jeon Somi

Last, but definitely not least is Somi. Her visuals cannot be topped and she proved this on Produce 101. Out of 101 contestants, Somi came out on top, becoming the forever center of the now disbanded girl group, I.O.I. The solo artist has the incredible ability to captivate her viewers with her looks and stage presence, even though she performs on her own. Her insane visuals are pretty much perfection.

Source: Insight