Just 10 GIFs of BTS’s V Putting On Lip Balm As Our Friendly Reminder To You…

… to stay moisturized and chap-free this winter. Thank us later.

Even for the K-Pop visual king BTS‘s V, chapped lips can’t be too flattering. Plus, dry and cracked lips are painful — especially when taking big bites out of burgers. So no, V of all people can’t have chapped lips. He’s good at keeping them plump and moisturized though. Every chance he gets, V is applying lip balm religiously. And that’s something we as a whole could probably learn from him… which is why we’ve put together these 10+ GIFs of V putting on lip balm. This winter, stay moisturized and chap free. V inspired.


1. Welcome to Lip Balm 101, brought to you by V.


2. When unsure how to apply, gently dab-a-dab-a-dab-a-dab.


3. Keyword: Gently. Gently apply the lip balm on the lips.


4. If simply unable, get help from a trusted family member or friend. Or a stylist, if you have a stylist.


5. Circular motions are good. Make sure to hit all edges and corners! If eyes rolling in the same direction help, do what you gotta do.


6. For tube type lip balms, squeeze some on your finger to apply more thoroughly. Eye-closing? Optional. Being in the moment? Mandatory.


7. In the case you must be discreet, hide it in your fist.


8. Remember to apply when you’re indoors…


9. … and when you’re outdoors. Lips can chap anywhere, anytime. Be prepared!


10. And when you do, apply a generous amount. Glow. Literally.

Happy chap free winter everyone!