5 Pre-Blonde Hairstyles TWICE Chaeyoung Totally Rocked

Which look is your favorite?

While the K-Pop world had a meltdown when TWICE’s Chaeyoung debuted her new blonde hair at the 2019 Seoul Music Awards, we were a bit bummed that people seemed to quickly forgot the other “dramatic” hairstyles she had rocked in the past.

Here are our five favorite hairstyles that Chaeyoung totally owned:

1) The “manic pixie dream girl” bob

She definitely looks like she’s the muse of a sensitive writer-directors or broodingly soulful young man that helps him embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures.

2) The “fiery redhead” look – in both mermaid and teen queen hairstyles!

Whether on land or in the ocean, Chaeyeon knows how to rock that red hair!

3) The “Punk Rock Princess” pigtails

Showing the world that she doesn’t suffer fools, Chaeyoung is ready to kick butt and take names in her matching twintails.

4) The “long locks of raven hair” princess cut – in both straight and wavy styles!

Chaeyoung looks amazing with her long hair, and all she needs is a flower crown to complete the princess look!

5) The shaggy “it girl” style cut

Chaeyoung is totally ready for her close up, everyone! This cut totally plays into her “chic” vibe that shows that she’s someone who makes people’s heads turn!

Bonus: The “Blonde Bombshell” cut – because we love it too much to leave it off the list



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