5 Of The Most Hilarious Rumors Ever Seen In K-Pop

Number 5 couldn’t have been more wrong.

While there have been many bizarre rumors seen in K-Pop, there have been some that were so ridiculous that it was a bit humorous. Here’s a list of a few of them.

1. Joy (Red Velvet) is a clone

There was once a rumor started by fans that Joy was a clone. Fans started to “believe” this when they noticed that Joy had some subtle differences from the other members in music videos. One moment was when Joy was the only member seen holding a green light for Red Summer.

Another moment was when Joy was the only member not being cloned for the music video for “Dumb Dumb”.

While these differences could have just been coincidences, they did lead to some interesting theories for fans.

2. Solar (MAMAMOO) is a North Korean

When Solar debuted with MAMAMOO, fans and netizens were seemingly unable to find any pre-debut pictures of her. This led some Korean fans to joke that it was because Solar was a North Korean defector.

When MAMAMOO started to gain popularity, some netizens started to believe these joking rumors, and many started spreading rumors that Solar was a North Korean. It got to the point where Solar and her friends had to release some pre-debut photos to end the rumors.

3. Lay’s (EXO) dating rumors with Lee Soo Man

Lay once got involved in a dating rumor where some netizens started to believe that he was dating Lee Soo Man. While it’s not clear how these rumors began, many believe that it started because Lay has always had great respect for Lee Soo Man.

| @layzhang/Instagram

4. Kim Jong Un is a fan of Irene (Red Velvet)

In a group photo from the 2018 Pyongyang performance, Irene was seen standing next to Kim Jong Un, while the other members were seen more spread out. Many started to assume that this was because Kim Jong Un was a fan of Irene.

Irene later ended these rumors by saying that it was just a coincidence.

5. Onew (SHINee) being a talented rapper from China

SHINee is a group that had a lot of rumors before their debut, and Onew is someone who had an extreme rumor. Many netizens started to believe a rumor that Onew was a talented rapper from China who rivaled some of the best rappers in South Korea, such as Outsider.

These netizens were in for a shock when Onew debuted, and they found out that he was a vocalist from South Korea.