5 Hottest Actors In The Industry Right Now All Belong To The “88-Line”

Must have been a really good year!

With the rise of K-Pop around the globe, K-Dramas are equally gaining spotlight for their interesting storylines, amazing soundtracks, and of course – outstanding visuals. Among all the rising talent in the industry, there are 5 hottest actors with programs lined up to cast them. Coincidentally, all five of them were born in the year 1988. Check out the blissful “88-Liners” who continue to wow us with their charms on the screen!


1. Kim Soo Hyun (31)

Actor Kim Soo Hyun, who was released from his military duty in July 2019, is known to be planning to come back to acting as soon as possible. With hit series like My Love From The Star and The Producers, Kim Soo Hyun already well proved his unrivaled acting skills. Boosted by his strong visual game, Kim Soo Hyun is definitely one of the leading male actors in the industry – and both producers and fans are eager to have him back on the screen!


2. Jung Hae In (31)

Actor Jung Hae In is a huge Netflix star now, with his top K-Dramas like Something in the Rain and One Spring Night both available for viewing on the global platform. His unparalleled boyish-but-extremely-handsome face is a favorite pick for a lot of viewers. He recently bought his manager one of the fanciest gifts in the history of all gifts – and fans are absolutely in love with Jung Hae In’s considerate and sharing nature.


3. Lee Ji Hoon (30)

Actor Lee Ji Hoon, who is currently the nation’s #1 beloved historian on the K-Drama Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung – also featuring K-Pop idol ASTRO‘s Eunwoo, is a “88-Liner” as well. Lee Ji Hoon is a rising star, whose acting skills have shined in all his previous works since his debut with School 2013. Viewers can’t help but notice Lee Ji Hoon’s continuous growth and development as a serious actor and can’t wait to see him take on more roles.


4. Im Si Wan (30)

Idol-turned-actor Im Si Wan is actually one of the most successful cases of idols turning to acting. In fact, Im Si Wan received a tremendous amount of praise for his stable and potential-packed acting skills in all of his previous works, like Moon Embracing The Sun and Misaeng. Hence, fans are extremely excited to have him return to continue building his acting career with Hell is Other People to be released end of August 2019, in which he co-stars with actor Lee Dong Wook.


5. Park Seo Joon (30)

Actor Park Seo Joon has always been a favorite for Korean viewers – because he has the looks AND the talent. With his recent movie “The Divine Fury” sweeping the nation in theaters, Park Seo Joon has kept himself busy not only expanding his filmography but also perfecting his physique. After working out 8 hours a day, Park Seo Joon is now simply invincible – with his visual and body on fleek.